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I'm trying to figure this out and I'm new to troubleshooting Hondas (coming from owning only diesel vw, this is my sisters car). Its a 2004 civic dx automatic with 96k miles (156k kms non freedom units).

The car was running ok and one day when running errands I came to a stop sign it just died and would not start unless holding the throttle a little (not to the floor). There is now what sounds like a miss under around 3k rpm but when revving it out its smooth till redline / limiter.

Things done so far:
Replaced crank position sensor
replaced all 4 coils, spark plugs are fairly new
checked timing, marks line up on cam and on crank
removed and cleaned iac
cleaned throttle body

I checked the plug to the crank position sensor but only gets 3.74v on the one of the pins, I thought its supposed to be 5v not lower? Other pin is battery voltage dont recall what the 3rd pin should read

I have got it to idle briefly but when it did idle, it sounds like uneven puffs out the exhaust like a miss but more so out the exhaust than at the motor if that makes sense. When you start to rev it out it sounds about the same until the higher rpm range where its smooth.

The fuel pump is working as I can hear it prime (multiple primes does not help the no start issue). Once running it will continue to run but I have to constantly drop it into neutral to keep the revs up when coming to a stop.

Does anyone have any other tips for troubleshooting or anything else I can checkout? My next thought was to get a new IAC since that should be responsible to keep help idle. Briefly before this issue started on cold start the rpm would hunt a little (no vacuum leaks that I could find or hear).

Thanks in advance!
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