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Transmission, rebuild or replace

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Hello I'm all new to this apologies if this isn't the right place to post.

My 02 civic Manual transmission has been grinding on deceleration at low speeds in 1st, 2nd and now I can faintly hear it in 3rd. theres also slight grinding when accelerating in first gear.
To be clear about deceleration I mean when I'm rolling in gear with my foot off the gas pedal theres a noticable grinding noise.
I also believe my throw out bearing is bad (there's a chirping while driving and idling. It goes away when pressing down the clutch pedal)

I'm not very mechanically inclined and do not have the space to drop my trans at home. (small townhome with a hoa from hell and I'm slow when it comes doing any repairs on cars)

My question is would it make more sense to drive it until it fails and replace the whole trans or would I be better off sending it off to get the trans rebuilt before it blows on me, is it even worth doing either of those things for a car this old? Ive replaced the brakes and spark plugs myself so I haven't really had to invest much into it yet (I got it for $2000)

Ive gotten mixed answers from people and I wanted to see what you guys think.

again sorry if this is not the right place to post looking forward to hearing from anyone.
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Time for another car. You will invest more into a 2002 transmission than the car is worth. I am at that point now after installing two new oxygen sensors into my 2005. The next major repair quote will be its last. I am waiting for the (hopefully) 2024 Civic hybrid.
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