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torque specs please

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hey guys, my daughter got ahold of my haynes manual for 01-05 civics and i'm now missing a page or 2. i need the page with the torque specs for flywheel and camshaft, ect. if someone can scan and post or pm me the page please
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flywheel to crankshaft bolts is 87 ft-lbs
camshaft sprocket bolt is 27 ft-lbs
and crankshaft pulley bolt is 181 ft lbs.

if you need more just ask
thanks alot obk, how about clutch plate to flywheel and the tranny bolts?
clutch pressure plate to flywheel bolts 19 ft/lbs

mounting bolts are 47 ft/lbs
thanks again!
no problem. 47 ft/lbs seems kinda weak for the mounting bolts but I would do them yah know, by hand, tight but not yank on them.
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