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You may have seen the fastback Mustang that was built by Detroit Muscle at Powernation TV, she has recently been given away to her rightful owner! Congrats to Gary L. of New York on winning the EBC Muscle Car Sweepstakes.

Tire Wheel Cloud Vehicle Car

The 1970 EBC Mustang Fastback was equipped with a new front & rear suspension to make a car that’s notorious for poor handling hit the curves with ease, and a set of headers supplied by Summit Racing for that perfect growl.

A supercharged Coyote built by Engine Power with a whole lot of ponies is responsible for getting this once underpowered classic up to speed. It’s also equipped with a TKX 5-speed American Powertrain transmission, Holley fuel system, Frostbite cooling system, and of course front and rear @EBCbrakesRacing Calipers, pads and 2 piece fully floating rotors!

Not to be outdone by the performance mods, the interior received a whole host of upgrades that include a TMI full interior, new seats, dash pad, carpet, door panels, and console. This potent Pony is geared up for some big runs and boasts incredible power figures that far exceed even today’s most advanced muscle cars while maintaining its classic elegance in the process.

If you missed the deadline to apply, or are just bummed that you weren't the winner, don't worry because PowerNation TV do regular giveaways, you can find them Here*

*(these giveaways are usually USA only)
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