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What's up guys?!

For those of you who have installed any of these Tein Coilovers on your 2003+ Civic's... do any of you have the 8 washers laying around?

I think I have it pretty much confirmed that the Teins washers are infact what I need.

The washers take the 16mm hole on the struts and acts as a hole reducer to accomodate the 14mm bolt, so that there is no play when you bolt the struts on. (2001+2002 Civic's only)

Now, a full set... I require 8 of these washers... Tein Part Number: SAP40-G1985.

These washers come with all Tein Coilovers for our cars, I'm pretty sure.

Are any of you guys running Tein Coilovers, on your 2003+ cars and have these washers laying around?

Let me know and I'll buy them off you!

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