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Shifter Cables

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I’ve looked pretty hard for the past 2 hours, so I’m hoping I’m not bringing something up that has already been covered. All i found was EM2 k swap applications and no stock d17 to rsx conversations.

Anyways, my cables are toast I’m restricted to 2nd, 4th and reverse; it’s pretty miserable.

My question is can I use RSX cables for my EM2 or do I need to use EM2 cables. I’m asking because it seems very hard to find any EM2 cables and you can forget about finding quality ones.

It’s my daily so I need to fix this asap anything helps really.
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P.S 2004 Honda Civic Ex mt, it could easily be something else like the tranny going out or something this car has just been a problem since I got it I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the tranny went
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