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I have a 2001 HONDA CIVIC DX ...
In first or second gear, it has a light tapping or rattling noise at first, similar to some valve noises or even vaguely snarly like old-timey connecting rods ?
It gets louder as I accelerate in 1st or partially in 2nd, but then it seems mostly OK in Neutral or 3rd or 4th or 5th.
It has run OK for the last 2 years, but I worry that something horrible might be developing inside.
No flakes in the oil.
My brother says it might be a problem within the SOHC cam+lifter area, only during the lower gears, clearing up in the higher gears ...
I need a better diagnosis before I open it up.
I don't want to take it apart and look at it and then take more apart without knowing what is happening or specifically how to analyze what is wrong.
Lotsa VW + Ford/Chevy experience on weekends, but almost no actual HONDA experience ...
I have the related Chilton + Haynes + Honda shop manuals ...
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