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Rob's OEM+ GLI Build

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The new NEW daily. Sold my truck to get this. Factory boost is fun. Got plans for this, let's see how it goes.

Not Yet Ordered

OEM Piston Style DV
Unitronic Cold Air Intake System
Unitronic DV Relocation Kit
034Motorsports Street Density Motor Mount
Unitronic Stage 1+ Performance Software
Spulen TSI Turbo Outlet Pipe
Audi R8 Ignition Coils
Go Fast Bits DV+
Unitronic 3" Downpipe
Unitronic K04 Turbocharger
Unitronic Stage 2+ Performance Software
Spulen TSI Throttle Inlet Pipe
034Motorsports Catch Can

Black Forest Industries Dogbone Insert
034Motorsports Street Density Transmission Mount
Unitronic Stage 2 DSG Software

H&R Sport Springs
034Motorsports Solid Rear Sway Bar
034Motorsports Spherical Rear Sway Bar End-links
ECS Tuining Upgraded Front Strut Mount Kit
Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings
Whiteline Trailing Arm Bushings
Whiteline Rack and Pinion Bushing

ECS Tuning Slotted Front Rotors
ECS Tuning Slotted Rear Rotors
USP Motorsports Stainless Steel Brake Lines
VW/Audi Genuine Brake Pads

USP Motorsports TCS/ESP Switch
European Halogen Headlight Housings
Alzor Style 627 Wheels (18x8, ET35)
Polar FIS+ Advanced

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Contacted 034Motorsports the other day in regards to an order I will be making here shortly. I will have to say I am very impressed with the customer service they have shown me so far. I talked with them on what my plans were and they were able to suggest some parts for me that will definitely help keep the stout OEM+ look and feel. Not only were they very helpful on suggesting additional parts but they were also very kind to offer a packaged deal for everything that I will be buying. I highly recommend checking them out and seeing what parts they have to offer for both VWs and Audi's.

That being said, I will be getting these items in the next couple weeks and will set aside some time to get the suspension upgrades all taken care of. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures of the installation and hopefully try to get some shots that havent been noted in other threads.

Decide to snap a few pictures today while the rain cleared up a little. Just testing out some different settings on my camera.

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Made a great friend over in Germany and ended up scoring a set of EDM Headlights for a great deal, those should get here in a couple of weeks. Going to be putting my order in with 034motorsports here shortly and then I will knock out part 1 of the suspension upgrades on a long weekend. More to follow.
Hand wash and decided to paint the engine cover with a metallic gray and purple/green pearlescent clear coat. Shows up real nice in the sun.

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Just placed an order with ECStuning to get their upgraded front suspension install kit. Once that comes in along with my 034Motorsports order I will be installing all the suspension parts.

i would love to be building a brand new car. IM SO PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS. I'll be following this. subbed.
Thanks man.
ECS Tuning pulled together real nice with shipping, was not expecting these until next week. Rein Upgraded front top hats with OEM bolt kit.

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oh my shes gorgeous
Thanks, should have some updates coming this weekend. The FedEX man will be visiting today to drop off some goodies.
Received my order from 034motorsports today. So far I am very impressed with the quality of the products. It looks like they put alot of R&D into their products and take pride while doing so. I cannot wait to install these parts and feel the difference compared to factory. Additionally, I am very satisfied with their customer service and Jeremy was a great person to work with when placing my order. I will definitely be looking into purchasing additional products from them in the future.

I also received one of two EURO headlights that I purchased from a seller in Germany. He had offered these at a deal that was hard to pass up. So far the headlight I receieved is is pristine condition. It looks practically brand new. I can not wait to get the other one and install them to get rid of the tacky amber/yellow reflectors that the USDM headlights have.

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Got some work done today. Started on getting the suspension done, I am having a very hard time with the fronts so I decided to call it a night. I will work on it some more later this weekend and hopefully will have some more updates.

Today got the mounts installed and also got the other headlight in the mail. So I installed them as well and I REALLY like how they look compared to the USDM ones.

Factory vs 034 Density

European Headlights

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Well time for another update; Got the front springs installed (which was a pain in the ass) and then went to go do the rears and my lug key ended up getting stripped because the rear lugs were on too tight. So that being said, was unable to get the wheels off so will have to knock out the rear springs and endlinks on a later date.

I also noticed that I have to get some VAGCOM coding for the headlights as the EURO ones do not have the sidemarker lights, my dash is showing a light out indicator and I am not a fan.

But I did manage to get the 034motorsport rear sway installed. Definitely a great piece and alot different than the stock piece.

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Go ourselves an icestorm last night.

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Finally actual snow in southern NC!

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Just scored a good deal on a like new part. Will post pictures once it comes in.
Installed the Unitronic DV Relocation Kit today. Had quite a bit of oil in the throttle pipe. Might consider a catch can sooner.

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wow man she's really coming together! :tup: was your mount already bad? or just replacing for the performance look/feel?

Nope, stock mount was just fine. These have stiffer rubber in them (60a) to help with the wheel hop. I went with these ones because they look factory and worked a deal with the company.
Received my Spulen turbo outlet pipe today. I must say, you see all the comparison pictures between the pancake pipe and the aftermarket ones and you cant really grasp the difference like you do when you see it in person. So far havent really noticed anything much different. I did have a hard time getting the machined adapter onto the compressor. I am not a fan of the snap rings at all, but I guess that's what VAG wants to go with so I guess I'll deal with it.

Also, I have a little surprise update coming this weekend. I figured it should keep me entertained for a little bit while I take a break from buying other parts for a bit, so expect another update this weekend.

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Took a nice little drive for this one today, thanks to the guys at Apex Tuning.

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Looking good!

Thanks Chris. May be taking a break on this one for a bit and moving back over to working on the 460 this spring. That'll have more cool stuff to check out.
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