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rob's build and re-build thread

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rob's build thread

TOTAL COST TO DATE FOR MT SWAP (including accessories): $1466.71 (1 MAY 2010)


On-hand | Ordered | Not on-hand

K24A1 Complete
K20A2 RBC Intake Manifold
K20 6spd Trans (preferably w/ LSD)
RSX Race Header
RSX Subframe
EP3 Radiator w/ Fans
Base RSX Axles
Exedy OEM RSX Clutch
RSX Clutch Hard Line
RSX Power Steering Hose/Line
Rywire Conversion Harness

Current Mod List as of DEC 2010

Kpro w/ Cam Gear
Crower Stage 1 Cam
AEM Short Ram Intake
JDM Black Ceramic Header
Tsudo Type X Cat-back Exhaust[Greddy Evo 2] (2.5 piping, 4.5" Tip)

Megan Springs (1.5")
Tokico Blues
Megan Front and Rear Strut Bars
Megan Rear Lower Tie Bar
EP3/RSX Adjustable Camber kit

PDM Front Lip
Type R Grille
Ebay BOH
Yellow Fog Lights
Tsunami Roof Spoiler
15" OEM Special Editions Capitol Sport UHP Tires(195/60R15)
Stickers for added HP

Skunk 2 Shift Knob
Revo SS
Magnesium Metallic Trim Pieces

Here is the car in August 2009 When I first bought it:

Then I got my plates:

AEM Short Ram:

04-05 ABS Type R Grille & 04-05 Blacked Housing OEM Headlights:

Megan Front & Rear Upper strut bar, and Lower tie bar (dont have a picture of the rear and lower at the moment):

Painted the fat fives & new tires:

04-05 Tsudo Type X (Evo Style) Cat-back exhaust:

99-00 Type R Poly Front Lip:

photoshoot before the drop:

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yes i am and thanks
looks good :tup:

also, who made your pixel car? I can't find anyone who will make me one lol.
thanks googled the base, and then photoshopped it myself.
Forgot to add my damage. Around October I took a turn a little too early and thankfully there was a foot high curb to stop me.

Here was when it happened:

and here is after some DIY repair:
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looking good robert how about you give me your stock headlights...and i think my buddy paul sanders is there in fort bragg with you
nice progress so far. Besides a manual swap what are your plans?
looking good robert how about you give me your stock headlights...and i think my buddy paul sanders is there in fort bragg with you
they're just sitting in the shed right now and have been since i changed them out. they have a little fading on them but not too bad. PM me a price if you really want them.

nice progress so far. Besides a manual swap what are your plans?
after the swap, thinking kpro and boost. and eventually im sure i'll want to do a kswap when i get bored of the D17; but thats most likely not going to happen any time soon.

but besides engine mods, looking into getting 03txcivic's blue tokico's and progress springs here pretty soon. get some type A sides, megan LCA's and header, maybe progress sways (front and back) or DC5 sways, (undecided brand) camber kits, and a VIS CF OEM Hood. then of course other little mods, nothing rice, although those plastic chrome stick on fender vents look nice.....pfffffffffffffhahahahaha :rofl:
well its been snowing the past couple days, but managed to get my injector cover painted during that time.

and here is a picture of the lovely NC salt.

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good luck with the build :tup:
are you still wanting my extra subframe?
well bryan and paul was going to try to mod the auto subframe for the MT. so i was going to see what he can do with that, but dont sell it too quick because i might need it! haha
ok buddy
i dont think its going anywhere fast so no worries :tup:
alright sounds good!
Fresh Ride Bro :ricer:
whats up with the plates?? :dunno: haha, jk! Car looks good! keep it up! ;)
EDM plates = +100hp duh! :ricer::fu:

thanks bro!
I like the progress. The only part I'm not so sure I'm crazy about is the part on top of your front bumper....near the grill....not a fan of those bump looking thing.
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