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[Q] Stock Head Unit to Aftermarket

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Simple question that I couldn't find a clear answer to by searching: can I use the stock dash kit (?) with an aftermarket stereo, or do I need to purchase an aftermarket adapter kit alongside the wire harness and head unit?

If not, I have a 2004 EX; any kit recommendations?

If yes, have any of you ran in to issues with the fit or molding since the console has a slight angle to it?
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Depends on how clean you want it to look. The after market will fit, just pull out the old one and put in the aftermarket. Simple as that, it has the right sized din for the after market but the edges aren't smooth around the unit because of the angle to it. Once you get the stock one out you will see what I mean. I just put a dual din DVD in and ordered the shroud for it cause I like a more clean look.
In my opinion, it's stupid to get any other dashkit than this one:

This one allows you to keep the stock storage compartment and door. If you want it to match better (matches okay as it comes), get some clear spray paint and just dust some on there. You're going for a texture, not a full coat. I did this on a pure guess before I installed mine, and it looks almost identical to the black on the dash (that has some slight metallic flake in the black).

Wiring harness (if you want to save some time).
Well You can use gregs suggestion if you want a single din. I went with a double din pioneer avh 4200

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The_Assassain, what all did you have to get for that set up? and where did you get the shroud?
The_Assassain, what all did you have to get for that set up? and where did you get the shroud?
Got them from amazon.

double din kit...i think this is the one u got

pioneer avh 4200
So I installed my the other day and it has been working great, but like you guys said without the dash kit / shroud / bezel / whatever it does look a little off, and it is a little recessed which isn't ideal, but overall I'm happy. I'll eventually order that kit that Greg linked, but for now I'm good.
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