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So, to save us all the trouble, I'm cross-posting from the story from user solaris9 that has become an internet phenomenon. Anything in this thread I take no credit for and give full and all credit to the aforementioned user. I'm only posting solaris9's posts, not any commentary, which in and of itself is hilarious. On that note, let us begin.

When I was in college and single I decided to take a trip to Europe and chose London as my initial destination. I planned it for months and saved enough to stay there for 1 1/2 months. Anyway, the flight was fucking delayed twice but managed to finally start moving.

I was dreading the long ass flight especially since there were no Ipods back in 95' and you'd have to use a lame ass walkman or some huge digital predecessor to the modern day Ipod. Either way you'd have to bring a shit load of batteries. But it was my luck that there was a blond-haired green-eyed beauty that was about my age sitting next to me. I had the window seat and she had the aisle and there was nobody sitting in between us.

So we're about an hour into our flight and the only words that were exchanged between us were when I asked her to flag the attendant down so I could buy a stiff drink. So I drink a rum and coke but it wasn't enough so I ask the attendant for another but to make it stiffer this time. The attendant laughed and asked if I was scared of flying or something. I said.."Nah..I'm celebrating getting the fuck outta Dodge for a while...". I managed to get a flirty laugh and she said coming right up.

The girl next to me was obviously listening but almost acting like she was some innocent bystander caught in a cross fire or something. Just barely eeking out a smile but not really saying nothing. Anyway the attendant finally came back and asked the girl to hand the drink to me cause I was looking out the window. So she taps me and hands me the drink. The flight attend says..."alright tell me how you like it..."

So I drink it while looking at them and then I said "a few more of these and I'll show you in the bathroom :)"...Like the cocky young college kid I was not really thinking of the repercussions if this fully grown milf were to diss me in front of everyone. She recognized that I was just screwing around and just laughed and said "you young guys..." and that's it.

Then feeling even more bold cause I didn't get wrecked by the flight attendant I decided to say something to the girl.

"Are you gonna be this quiet and boring the ENTIRE flight to London. You'd think you were Hellen Keller or something" I know it seems kind of rude but the atmosphere I created joking with the attendand just made it seem like I was just a jokster. She started busting up laughing and finally got her to talk. Turns out she had an accent. She was FROM London and was not as excited going back home cause her trip was opposed to mine which was obviously just beginning. She joked about it in a playful yet sophisticated sounding way and I felt a bit foolish realizing that this girl wasn't dumb, shy, and quiet at all. In fact she was very educated sounding, apparently "more cultured" seeing as she traveled quite a bit, and had money which led me to believe that she was too young to earn it on her own. Which means that her family is well off and she was probably raised in one of those snooty rich European families.

Turns out I was right about that, but, we now had tons to talk about. We talked non stop about all the stuff she did in US, other places she'd traveled, how bored she was gonna be back at home, where I was planning to go, etc...etc... We pretty much talked about everything under the sun and like any 2 people who let their guard down we were bound to find things in common which we music, art (at least I pretended to just to impress her..I really only knew a few things from art history class in college).

Anyway it started to feel like we've known eachother for years after a while the way we were so casual. All the while I showed genuine interest in what she had to say (best way to bag a woman) without showing too much interest like a perv like I'm sure most other dudes did with her cause she was fucking SMOKING HOT. Not the slutty bar tramp with the flower tattoos above her ass and another one on her ankle. She was like this girl next door type who had a banging body and a really pretty face.

The whole plane ride I was trying to scheme up a way to keep this going after the flight but I was getting more and more nervous as we got closer to Heathrow. So I decided to play it cool...a tactic I'd used many many times with overzealous chicks and ones playing hard to get to. The trick is you have to make it truly believable. So, when we finally landed and we're getting off the plane we both started walking to get our luggage. I gave no hint that I was gonna ask her for her number or she says on the way to luggage..."Hey you want me to show you around? I can keep my vacation going that way." Now she seemed kinda nervous which felt empowering after all my nerves. So I said sure and she gave me her number. She said that she'd have to meet with her parents and sister that night for dinner but the next day she'd take me wherever I wanted to go and places I never would have thought of going...All I could think of was."CHA CHING!!!". It was all I could do not to jump up and down and start jacking right there in front of her...but I'm sure that would ruin the mood a bit.

So I controlled my excitement and kept smiling and showing enthusiasm about the following day so she would'nt feel regret that night. We parted ways and I called a cab to take me to my hotel. I ate dinner by myself at a nearby popular restaurant and saw lots of chicks and dudes with chicks but no such luck that night like I had on the plane. Oh consolation was the following day. I slept like a baby that night and woke up late to no alarms...

Which by the way is what I'm going to do now since it's 12:30am here in Cali. I didn't realize...if anyone's interested in the rest of the story I'll check the thread tomorrow and fill it in.

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So I woke the next morning around 9:30am. The room I had was nice. I wanted to start my trip off with a relatively nicer hotel room so I would feel like a pimp to start of my trip. It wasn't THAT nice but to me it was. It had a nice balcony that was pretty big and had a table, umbrella, and chairs on it. I thought, "Cool! I'll order room service and call the girl up. That way if she'd changed her mind overnight I would be in the middle of something cool and maybe not feel as bad. Also if the girl asks what I was doing she might think it was cool as well". That was my logic anyway.

So, I ordered room service and took a shower. After my shower I cracked the door, and got dressed, and chilled out on the balcony until my food came. I noticed a farmers market forming down below and on the whole street. Sweet! yet another cool way to start the day by walking around a foreign farmer's market to see all the shit they got. After eating a bit I decided to call the girl finally. I call and the phone rings a few times. I was thinking I got dissed until a girl picked up the phone and it was her. "Bella speaking" She sounded so fucking cute I wanted to fuck her through the phone but I wasn't quite sure it was her just yet. She sounded a bit different over the phone and she told me her name was Isabel on the plane. She immediately recognized me and asked what I was up to. So I told her I was eating breakfast on my balcony. She thought it was "sweet" that I would do that even though I was a guy. I thought, "what's the big deal? It's not like eating on breakfast on a balcony is what gay guys do or something."

Anyway we make small talk about her night with her family last night and she says that she told them about me. They were worried about her showing around a stranger who she knows absolutely nothing about. I joked with her that I'm no stranger. "We're practically high school sweethearts. I know everything about you." She added.."Yeah we're practically married, right?" and we both started laughing. Then I said that I understood how her family felt and then I said..."I'd be super disappointed if we didn't get to hang out cause I thought we'd hit it off and think it would be fun." Paused for effect...then I said" Well I'm gonna go take a walk down at the farmer's market down below and shop around and call you after. That way you can let me know if you changed your mind."

She sounded a bit surprised at the hint of indifference in my tone. Little did she know that I was starting to feel totally fucking bummed especially getting my hopes all high the night before. But if I was gonna get this girl to go out with me I had to play it like Joe Cool without seeming like an insecure dick. Also, you can't go beggin and sounding desperate to convince her cause that would just trigger her instincts that I might be some perv and she would instantly say no. So I politely said I'd call her later and hung up the phone. I was fucking bummed to say the least. I felt that things were starting to get a little awkward and didn't think that it would happen afterall. So I try to cheer myself up by checking out all the little cuties and flirting as much as I could with any cute chick that I came in contact with. I didn't feel any rejection, but, I didn't feel any connection with any either at the farmer's market. But I saw a flower stand and a light bulb came on. I bought a nice bouqet of flowers for the girl and walked back up the street to my hotel.

An hour or so had past since the phone call so I thought to myself, "Well it's now or never...what do you have to lose?" So I gave her a call, she picked up the phone again.."Bella speaking" and didn't give her a chance to talk. I immediately said, "So I got an idea...why don't you call your sis and you both can meet me at a public place of your choice and both have pencils in each of your hands. That way if I'm not a complete gentleman you can both stab me in the eyes with the pencils..."

She burst out in laughter just like when I called her Hellen Keller on the plane. She thought that was a wonderful idea if her sister was free. She said that she'd call me back so she asked for my hotel info and number. I figured she's probably getting important info at the same time just for safety. Whatever. She calls back and said that her sister reluctantly agreed. I said, "Perfect. It's just in time for lunch!". I asked her where and she gave me the name and address of an outdoor cafe where they served wonderful lunches. I called a cab and got all pertied up for the "date" (at least in my mind) and grabbed the flowers on the way out the door. I snagged a cab and after some crazy ass driving from the cabby I arrived. I saw the both of them sitting outside at a table. But they hadn't seen me. I thought.."oh my god they are BOTH soooo fine..." What had I gotten myself into with these pretty, rich snooty girls. I was happy to have a few grand on my trip and they probably blow that much for a new pair of shoes.

Oh well...I took a careful approach making sure that they didn't see me until I was hovering over her reaching out with the flowers. I told her I got them from the farmer's market and I could tell her sister was pleased. So was she. God she was fine. Almost too fine to be as casual and playful as she was acting cause she had a pencil she was hiding under a napkin that she pretended to stab me with. We were laughing and could tell that her sister was a bit impressed with the apparent connection me and her sister had made. I thought, cool...better for me. That means that it must not happen too often for Bella. My main thought the whole time was how fine her sister was, too...and that if I were to have any chance at getting in this girl's panties that I needed to win her sister over. So I began formulating any sort of plan I could think of.

To be continued later tonight...

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So we ordered lunch. Started chit chatting about what we would do today. They wanted to do some stuff that was touristy but things that they hadn't done before like take a bus tour and go to the London Eye. I paid particular attention to her sis as part of my plan. I said and did anything to make her laugh without over doing it. Girls like to laugh and if you can make them do it and not at your expense then they'll like you at some level.

We went to the London Eye so that we could look down on all of London and if we saw anything in particular we would want to do. We did it but only saw fancy bridges and the like. They were cool but kinda a boring attraction if you ask me. So, after the London Eye, we went to some modern art museum of some sort since I "liked art". Haha...seems I had her fooled. But we did see some erotic art which was cool cause we all got kinda quiet so I know it put a little sexual tension in the air. Perfect! Anything to get them thinking...I made sure to pretend I knew what I was talking about and saying shit like..."see how the figure twists to melt into the other the point where they touch is what makes it very erotic..." I was so full of shit but they bought it. Sweet!

We took the classis double-decker tour bus. They lived there so they took it for granted and never did it before themselves. It was cool cause I got to sit between 2 hot chicks on the top of the open air bus. Twas a good feeling... I kept imagining ramming my dick into both of them and getting them to fuck me at the same time. But I knew I was just fantasizing. My real target was Bella or Isabel which turns out is her real name. But she went by Bella to everyone else. We did that for a couple of hours. Then we decided to roam around and they even did a little shopping for clothes. They were indeed well off cause the store they bought stuff from was expensive and they didn't have to ask about the prices of the clothes which were not marked. Wow..So I took that opportunity to reveal my poverty by making fun of myself mentioning that what they just bought was probably worth all the money I had saved for my whole trip. They seemed to think it was cool that I wasn't pretentious and still confident in myself enough not to trip about money.

They were laughing and said..."You probably think we're a couple of spoiled brats.." I said "Exaaaaactly" and we all started laughing. Bella's sister (whose name was Lisa by the way) said, "Well our parents may be well of but we're down to earth. We'll prove it to you...we'll take you dancing tonight at a place where spoiled brats wouldn't go." I said "Cool. Where?". But she wouldn't say. We chatted and I kept flirting a bit with Lisa but w/out crossing the line and saw a nice place for dinner. This time it was indoors and the mood lighting was cool. A jazz band was playing and everything was all good. After dinner I mentioned that it would be a good idea for all of us to chill for a bit and I would go back to my hotel and shower and change for the night.

They said cool and dropped me off. I was fucking ecstatic cause this kinda shit never happened to me in LA. Somehow I had won the Lotto on the way to a European vacation. I showered..jerked off in the shower (had to tell the truth here) and watched the tube for a bit. They called and said that they would be on their way in about an hour. So I took a little siesta and waited for their call. "Brrrrrriiiiinggg!" It was them downstairs and they said they were coming up. Shit! I overslept. So I start rushing to get my clothes on and they get to the door cause I was only on the 2nd floor close to the stairs. I had my pants on but that was it. I invited them in and they looked fucking SMOKING HOT! They were laughing cause it was apparent that I'd fallen asleep. So I rushed in the bathroom finished getting ready and went back in the main room and threw my shirt on. We left for the club.

Turns out it was a salsa club. I didn't even know they had any there...I was ignant and thought they only had those in Miami and Cali. Hahaha. Anyway. Perfect cause I've been a big salsa dancer since I was in Jr. high school. So we get to the bar and grab a couple of drinks. They were trying to see if I was nervous about the dancing. I played coy and acted like I didn't know a thing about it. I said we'd all have to have more than just 1 drink to get me out there. So we did and Bella asked me to dance. I pretended to be shy a bit but only for sec and said alright. We start doing the basic and she can tell that I've done it once or twice before. Soon it was apparent that I knew far more than she did and was turning her with all kinds of shit the other dudes there were'nt doing. It's funny cause it's the same dance but in a different place they do it just a bit differently. Anyway the whole club seemed to be used to how everyone else was doing it, even though there were a ton of dudes there that would put me to shame. They seemed to like my style of it.

I danced with Bella for a quite a few songs and I said that I should go grab Lisa so she wouldn't get bored. She agreed and got snatched up by some other dude right away. I grabbed Lisa and she was eager to dance. In fact she seemed like she wanted to fuck me on the dance floor. I kinda started to get nervous of what Bella might have been thinking so I kept glancing over at her dancing with the other dude. She kept looking at us and smiling, but, I didn't want to jump to conclusions and start thinking it was OK to start groping her sister on the dance floor. Still because of the nature of salsa dancing your really really close, it's sexual, and your hands are all over the girl anyway. So it was cool. We danced for a few hours taking breaks here and there to chill at a booth and sip drinks.

After a while it seemed like we were all ready for something else when Lisa said that she had to go home cause of work the next day. So we took a cab back to Bella's place where Lisa's car was. We were sitting there chatting on the driveway for a bit when I asked if they could call me a cab. Lisa immediately said, "No!. Don't be a wanker Bella take him home!". They constantly used these funky slang words that seemed ultra cheesy to me, but, what do I know. They're British. So Lisa drove off and Bella got her keys and she started taking me back to my hotel. There seemed to be a slight awkwardness in the car so I tried to make it casual again by talking about the day and all the stuff we did. Before you knew it we arrived at the hotel. I had to try was THE perfect timing. So I thanked her and her sis for the day profusely and mentioned how much fun I had. Then I said bye. But as I was stepping out of the car I ever so casually can come up for a night cap if you're wide awake.

To my surprise she agreed. She parked her car and we walked upstairs. I grabbed a bottle of whatever the fuck it was and opened it. I knew it would cost me to open it but it was worth it. We sat on the balcony and slowly sipped it. It was fucking aweful tasting. I said in an ultra sarcastic tone.."Mmmmmm this is greeeaattt!!" and poured it over the balcony. She spit out the sip she had in her mouth in laughter. I opened another bottle and it was a bit better but now it would cost me twice as much. Oh well. We chatted and I could tell there was definitely some sexual tension in the air. You could cut it with a fucking knife. So I got up and sat in the chair next to her and said, "Hi." and just looked at her. She looked at me for a sec and said, "So I noticed you and my sister on the dance floor tonight. So do you like her?" She was smiling while she said that but it was fake. She was wondering if I was a jerk enough to try and hit on her sis when I met her 1st. I said, "Then you must have noticed me keep looking at you." and I kissed her.

BAM!! It was on! I knew I was gonna hit it that night. We didn't stop kissing and groping eachother but managed to make it to the bed. You know what happens next. But I made sure to please her first or else I would blow my load in like 2 seconds flat from being as horny as I was all day. She was a dirty moaning her in bed who didn't hesitate a bit. I was falling in love with this bitch. DAMN!!! I ain't never had an experience like this before. We fell asleep after a while and woke up in the morning.

To be continued...

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So we woke up that morning and it didn't feel awkward at all. I woke with her turned on her side facing me and smiling. I guess she was watching me sleep. She said, "Sleep well?" I just said, "MmmmHmmm..." she replied "Me too" basically we were saying in so many words that we had a great fuck session the night before.

We jumped in the shower together and she looked even nicer now that I could see every curve. DAMN. Nice long legs, nice C cup, super smoothe olive skin without a blemish. And me..well I almost felt embarrased. Even though I was fit I could hold no candle to her. And I certainly didn't have perfect skin like she did. But we decided to take turns washing eachother so we took a llooooooonnnng shower. It was nice. I was playing with her ass and happened to start playing with her anus. I didn't even mean to. I was just touching her all over and just started with it. I actually wasn't even into anal (pitching that is) like I am now. We were both all sudsy by now and she was moaning with me touching her anus. I kind of wanted to try sticking it in but I was kinda nervous. I didn't know my bounderies. Also, I hadn't done that before so I didn't know what would happen. So I chickened out like a big *** and put it in her pussy from behind while we were all sudsy. It slipped in quite easily cause we were all wet and sudsy but she complained that it stung a little cause of the soap. Shit. I said sorry and she tried to wash herself as best she could. She felt guilty not letting me do what I wanted so she turned around, got down on her knees, and started slobbing the knob. Then by surprise she slid me all the way inside her throat and didn't stop til I came.

When I was finished she was smiling up at me and I almost felt bad cause I figured it must of hurt. She said it didn't cause I was all wet and it went in easily. Dude I swear I was beginning to fall in love with this chick. She taught me something new. I could now use this on future girls in the shower. BAM! We got dressed and dropped by her house or her "flat" as she called it so she could get changed. Nice place and she had a ton of clothes. Nicer place than any other girl's I'd ever been with up to that point. Anyway I was waiting for her to get dressed and laid down on her bed. She was taking off her clothes and started getting shy cause I was watching her. I said, "I've already seen you naked and we've been together already so why are you acting shy?". She said it was different cause we were having sex and I wasn't watching her bend over to put on new panties and all that kind of shit. So I said if she didn't want to feel shy then she should just take her panties off and we should have sex.

So she turned, looked at me, dropped her panties which was all she had on at the time and jumped on the bed on top of me. No sooner than she sat on top of me and guided me inside her do we hear a door open and her sister walks in and had an "oh shit" look on her face. As she's walking outside the door of the bedroom she was like..."I guess I'll just get going then..." She had this look on her face like she was thinking "Ooooooooh buuuuusted". Bella ran out and caught her sister before she got out the front door. All I could think was.."Fuck. I didn't even come yet." I heard Bella saying, "Why didn't you call first?"

Lisa - "I saw your car and figured you were home so I came in. I never figured you two would be shagging in your flat already..."

Bella - "Yeah well he's really nice."

Lisa - "I bet."

Bella - "Yeah well you better not tell mum and dad."

Lisa - "I'm not gonna tell mum and dad. Piss off."

Bella - "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

Lisa - "I didn't feel like work so called in cause I wanted to join you guys today galavanting around town."

Bella - "Well just sit tight then and we'll get dressed and go out. We were about to go out anyway."

Lisa - "MmmmmHmmmmm...sure"

So I heard Lisa turn on the TV and Bella comes back in flush red in the face. I said sorry and she said I had nothing to be sorry about.

In fact I wasn't sorry but I felt like I should say something. Actually I was quite proud. I got my clothes on and chilled out in the room while she was getting dressed but after a few minutes decided to go outside to let her get finished. She seemed kind of embarrassed. So I go out of the room and sit on the couch and started watching the tube. Lisa had a huge fucking grin on her face and I started to get one too. She said, "Having fun are we?" and we both started laughing.

Bella walks in soon after and we all look at eachother and burst out laughing

To be continued...

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So now we're kind of at a loss as to what to do. Bella's driving and kinda quiet possibly contemplating all the shit that's going on. I didn't want to worry about it. But Lisa is the type of person that can't stand a moment's silence or awkwardness so she's starting to probe me about what I do, where I'm from, blah blah blah. The mood had definitely changed from yesterday and it was less casual and funny. It had a more personal tone to it. Oh well at least we were talking...and Lisa seemed interested in all my shit.

I told them how I used to be from an asian gang in LA, had my house shot at, born in Phillippines, but grew up definitely a full on Cali beach bum regardless of all the trouble. I didn't wanna share all this cause it usually turns girls off. But Bella seemed all ears and would ask a question here and there. Lisa would ask lame questions like if I'd ever killed anyone, blah blah. Kinda sounded like when some newbie white belt first joins a BJJ class and starts asking all the higher belts if they'd ever snapped anyone's arm. I laughed and said no. Lisa half thought that I was full of shit so I said, "Why in the world would I make that up? If anything it turns people off." I was sitting shotgun and she was sitting behind Bella who was driving. Then I turned to her and showed her a couple of scars I had over my eyebrows from getting hit with a pipe and a mini bat. Then I showed her some obvious teeth marks on both my hands where I'd knocked some fools' teef out. She said, "Wow" and started joking that they had a genuine LA gangster on their hands. I said, "Anyways.." and tried to change the subject to lighten things up again.

We'd been driving aimlessly for a little while now. Bella decided that she would take us wine tasting on the outskirts of the big city so I would get to see more of London. We went and started sipping the wine. It was great timing cause after a few glasses the girls were a bit more relaxed again and before you knew it they forgot the awkwardness of all that had transpired that morning and started being more happy go lucky again. I started cozying up to Bella again and she said, "I wondered when you'd say hi again." Lisa was off getting another glass and she took the time to apologize for her sister if she was a little poky about my personal stuff. I said I didn't care and thought her sister was super cool. She just smiled.

We drank, snacked, ate lunch, picnic'd (minus the picnic blanket) and the question came up of when I was going to leave London. Bella remembered that I had planned to go all over Europe and she never thought to ask how long was the London part of my trip before. I guess we never thought we'd be in the situation where it would matter that much, I guess. Well I was forced to think about it too and said..."well I have 3 more nights in my hotel and I was supposed to be off to the Netherlands for a few days, Paris for 2 weeks, then Italy for the rest and then fly back home.

Lisa was like, "Cool" only thinking of all the cool locations even though she'd been to all of them at least a few times and Bella too. But Bella was a bit more quiet. Obviously she was thinking the same thing I was. It kind of forced us to think of what we were doing. When you're not a male whore which I definitely was not (even though I tried) and you're not a slut (which she didn't seem) an intense sexual encounter might leave you with some intense feelings. Well, I wanted time to think about it to scheme up what I'd wanted to do about the whole thing when not under the I said, "well let's not think about that now. For now I have at least a few days..." Bella smiled but I could tell she was still thinking about it.

We hung out just a bit longer then drove back into town. We visited a photo gallery of some famous local photographer who seemed to only photograph models. It was cool and we were all pretty impressed with the guy's skills. We decided to go shopping for dinner so Bella could cook us dinner. Perfect. I don't have to waste so much money. We did that and went back to Bella's place. Put everything in the "cooler" (fridge to us) and started watching a little TV. They had strange shows and the drama was cheesy to me. We found a game show that we were busting up making fun of the players, host, and music. It was cool just chillin. I got tired and started dozing off. Bella was really cozy with me on the big couch and she noticed I was falling asleep so she laid me down and laid down in front of me so I could spoon her on the couch as we watched TV. I noticed that Lisa crashed out on the love seat and after that I dozed off too.

We must have been tired or drunk, or both cause we all crashed for about 2 1/2 hours. Woke up and it was dinner time. Bella cooked and it was the shit. Seems like cause she was the older of the 2 (23 at the time) that she got more of the motherly skills from her mother. Lisa (who was 21) was more of the wild child, easily impressed with my gangster background, salsa dancing, and ability to tell a good joke. She was always laughing. Anyway dinner was cool and they put on some American romantic comedy and we all watched it. Before you know it, it was late and I didn't want to impose and ask for a ride but I didn't want to assume that I could spend the night. But Bella said very matter of factly right after the movie was over..."You're spending the night." So I guess that was that. Lisa wanted to stay but couldn't find a way to fit into the equation after the movie so she said..."Well I'm off. But maybe tomorrow we could do something again." It was Thursday and apparently she didn't work that day. Bella said, "great" and she was out the door. Bella gave me a new tooth brush and I brushed my teeth and got in my chonies. After all that's all I had to wear to sleep.

She put on a nighty that was super fucking sexy. Not anything fancy over the top with lace and shit. Just silky, kinda tight, but flowy and I see through everything. It pretty much didn't leave much to the imagination not that I needed it anymore with her. She walked next to me where I was lying on her bed and laughed while pulling down my chonies saying I didn't need those. I guess I didn't. We start macking but more gently than the night before this time. And her nighty was of no use now on the floor. We had a passionate fuck session this time which I liked but in my mind I wanted to bend her in half and pound away. But I went with the flow and it was cool. Shit I wasn't complaining. We lasted about an hour or so switching positions and fell asleep.

To be coninued...

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It was Thursday morning. We woke up and were on opposite sides of the bed. She was sleeping still and we had somehow kicked off all the blankets while we were sleeping. I had a raging hard on and my dick was kinda sore from having sex so often recently. I hadn't had this much sex since before my last girlfriend and I had broken up. That was about 6 months ago. Her bedroom was on the 2nd floor and 1 entire wall was glass that opened up to the balcony. It made for perfect window light. The morning rays were just creeping over the distant buildings and were bouncing off her glorious tits. I was so in awe of her beauty. But I still had my hard on and I realized that I was holding it while looking at her. Realizing this I didn't want her to wake up and see me and think something weird.

I didn't feel like laying down anymore so I simply walked around her house checking things out here and there. She had a small office room/library. She collected antique books and a lot of travel type books. She also had quite a bit of Philosophy and religious books that I was familiar with and had read like Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahnsa Yogananda, Existentialism by Emanuel Kant, and why I'm not a Christian by Bertrand Russel. Impressive to me cause those books had a big hand in shaping my beliefs even to this day. She had others but those stood out. I decided to make coffee and found a clean pot. I already knew where she kept her coffee grounds from the night before when we got back from wine tasting so I brewed up some coffee. The coffee starting smelling wonderful. It might have been some Juan Valdez shit but in my mind it was some fresh ground locally grown shit from some local market. Hahaha. Anyway I poured myself a cup. I drink my coffee black with just a bit of sugar. The smell and sounds of me opening her cupboards must have woke her cause I turned around while sipping my coffee and saw her draping herself around the bend of the wall.

I could see her long legs, pussy, tummy, tits, and smile. Here eyes were smiling too which made me smile. I said, "I hope you don't mind. I didn't want to wake you." She said, "Not at all. It's nice seeing a stranger making coffee naked in my home." and laughed gently. I said, "I bet I'm not the first one..." and to this day I don't know if it was a good idea or a bad one to have said that last joke.

Bella - "What do you think of me?" she said genuinely curious...with a smile and a serious tone to accompany it.

Me - I thought "Here we go..." and said, "What do you mean? I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met...and not just your looks."

To which she replied, "But your last you really think I do this all the time.?"

Me - "No. I was just being insecure hoping I was special somehow." Doh! What the hell was I saying? Where was I taking this? But the conversation seemed to be flowing to that direction and it felt natural to say it.

Bella - "You're the only one ever."

Me - "I don't know how to take that..."

Bella - "Me neither."

She could tell I didn't know what else to say so I think she spared me and asked if I'd like her to cook breakfast. I asked if I could help her. I wanted to lighten things up so I was screwing around and messing up on purpose pretending not to know what the hell I was doing in the kitchen...she got a kick out of it and my facetious play worked. We started flirting again and being kissy huggy again. We made omelettes, toast, with fresh vegetables, and yogurt for dessert. We made small talk again and it occurred to me that I didn't a fucking clue what she did for a living. I knew she went to school but thought that she must have had a job. Turns out that she didn't. Her parents gave her an allowance as long as she focused on school and that was all she did. In fact she would have to register soon because she was back from her vacation. Apparently Lisa didn't get the same allowance even thought it was offered to her cause her mind was in and out of school.

After breakfast I said, "Maybe we should call Lisa sometime soon. She's expecting to hang out today."

Bella - "I really wish it could be just us today. I know you'll only be another couple of days.."

Me - "You know I've been thinking about that...Would you be cool with me staying in London for the rest of my trip and hanging out with you? Unless you've had enough of me and just want me to scram now." Yup was my big idea.

Bella - She was ecstatic.."Are you kidding? I'd love that. Yay!!!" and she jumped up on me with her legs wrapped around me above my waist.

Her excitement only fueled our excitement about what to do that day and I came up with and idea. "Why don't we go to my hotel and swim around the pool to start of the day? We can plan what we wanna do for today and the next month and a half. Then we can call Lisa and see what's up." She thought that was a great idea and we started our day. We thought of taking a shower before we left for the hotel but it wouldn't make sense since we were going for a swim as soon as we got there. I got dressed and she got a big bag, stuffed a bunch of clothes, swimsuit, and a makeup bag. It was all kinds of shit with a couple of different outfits. Maybe she didn't want to have to come back to her place afterwards. Whatever...

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We got to my place and I walk in only to have the front office folks say that I have a message. That seemed to perk her interest. We walk upstairs and I play the message. The message said, "Hey how's your trip going. You haven't called so I just wanted to hear all about it." It was a girl's voice. My sister. She said, "Who was that?" I replied, "My sister. We're close. She's just checking on me. Trust me."

I didn't want to call because I didn't want to mess with having to figure out all the long distance crap and the hotel phone and all that but told her that I'd let her talk to my sister later. She seemed to like that idea a lot.

Anyway I get to my bag, which I still hadn't really unpacked, and take out 1 of 2 board shorts that I brought on the trip. Before I knew it she'd taken out her bikini bottom and top from her bag. She said, "Don't peek and ran into the bathroom..." I just dropped my clothes on the floor and pulled on my board shorts. A couple of minutes later she came out of the bathroom with her arms open wide and said.."What do you think?"

I know we'd fucked a ton of times now and I'd seen her nekked so many times but seeing her in a tight off white 2 piece with strings tied in a bow to one side for the bottom piece and the top was a more traditional cut with the strings tied in a bow in the middle of her back. My jaw just about dropped... We grabbed our towels and went to the pool. We found out that the pool was technically not open yet but we went to the front office and the dudes there could NOT say no to her. I don't think they even heard what she said. All they heard was pool keys blah blah. They were staring like a motherfucker and not even trying to hide it. She acted like she didn't even notice and snatched the keys from the fool holding them out. With a quick turn she was off to the pool. I was just walking slowly enjoying the view of her running and bouncing. I took a second look at the dudes at the front office and they were just smiling. I smiled and just followed her to the pool. I got there and she was standing there with her hands on her hips saying..."come on.."

I was gonna say something to respond but as I got closer she shoved me in the pool and jumped in after me. I'm sure the other people in the hotel hated us cause we were making a ruckus and it wasn't past mid morning yet. Oh well..They're problem not ours. Hahaha. She seemed extra giddy like I'd never seen her. Perhaps it was the news that I was gonna stay to chill out in London just for her. I couldn't believe that she would be so happy because I decided to stay with her. I know that sounds kinda lame...but up to that point I hadn't ever experienced a girl who did not hesitate with me one bit. There was no apprehension from the get go. It was a HUGE turn on...and to be honest. I felt like I was falling for her too in a big way. Make fun you jackasses and wannabe pimps. But you all know that shit happens.

We were talking and excitedly making plans to do all this shit for the rest of my stay, some of it sounding unrealistic even, but most sounded cool. Whatever it was it sounded cool as long as I would do it with her. One idea she had was to go to Paris or Ireland for a few days. Both were only an hour or 2 plane ride away..The hell if I knew. Europe was literally foreign to me. But I thought, "Hey maybe I'll get to see more of Europe after all."

After spending about an hour and a half at the pool we went back up to my room. She gets in the shower and I follow her in. It was one of those standing only showers and there was a separate bath tub next to it. She was teasing me a bit and assumed the position with both her hands on the shower wall about shoulder width apart. I wanted to feel that feeling again of being all sudsy like the first time we showered together so I stood really close behind her, got the liquid soap, and began rubbing it slowly all over her body. I was kissing her ear and she was loving it. She began reaching back and spreading the suds to my body. She saw what I was trying to do so she turned the water down a bit so we wouldn't wash away the suds. I felt sooooo dope and seeing how turned on she was I started playing with her pussy and anus again like I did the first time. My thoughts immediately began swirling around the idea of sticking it up her ass. I kept it up with rubbing her clit, thighs, and anus. Occasionally I would play with her nipples and gently pull them.

I decided to get brave and start rubbing the head of my dick against her anus. Still touching her everywhere with the other hand I would breathe in her ear which only made her gasp and get more turned on. I knew that was the time so I pressed my dick harder against her anus and whispered in her ear, "Can I?" She said, "Okay. But get that bath oil by the bath tub. I get out of the shower and had a tiny slip cause of the wet floor. That would fucked things all up if I'd fallen. Thank god I didn't. She didn't even seem to notice or didn't care cause she was thinking of what we were about to do. She opened it for us and turned around. She began washing of the suds from me and poured some of the oil on me. Then she turned around and instead of putting her hands back on the shower wall she was leaning on her forearms with her face turned to one side...if you can picture that. She rubbed a little oil on her anus and basically waited for me to do it. But I didn't want to jump immediately into it after the awkward bottle opening and all that. So, I began to play with her again and touching her all over especially her anus. It worked to turn her on again and I pushed it into her slowly. I didn't pull it back out until I was all the way in. She kind of grimaced a bit and asked me to be gentle. I was. But I began stroking in and out while reaching around to play with her nipples and clit when I could reach it.

I lasted about 3 minutes before I was telling her I was about to cum. When she realized that I was a second away from cumming she reached behind and pulled me in closer to her. She wanted me to cum inside her. Cool cause I wasn't planning on pulling out. That was the first time I'd done anal before. It's still probably the best time in my mind. I know you fools are gonna crack on me for only lasting a few minutes but don't worry. We did it again before we got out the shower...I lasted closer to 7 minutes... It was the fucking bomb. And she did not hesitate to smile when we were done. It was too fucking much, man...

To be continued...

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We finally got out of the shower and dried off and layed on the bed naked. She was laying on my chest and she thought it might be a good time to call Lisa cause it was starting to get late. It was about noon now and she would wonder if we had ditched her. So she grabs her phone, starts the call, and hands it to me while it was already ringing. She seemed content to just lay her head on my chest. She said, "You call her".

Lisa - "Lisa speaking"

Me - In a low breathy voice..."This is your lover..."

Lisa - "Oh yeah...then what kind of underwear do I wear..."

Me - "You don't wear any...and you like wearing short flowy skirts so the wind will blow it up and everyone can see you."

Lisa - "Then you ARE my lover...What are you up to? Shagging my sister?"

And although Bella was not on the phone the volume from the earpiece was loud enough that she heard the whole conversation. She reacted by gasping and having a shocked look like she couldn't believe she'd said that. But it was all play and Bella grabbed the phone. They immediately start chatting and she seemed happy to hear from her sister. After a while Lisa got impatient and said..."So what are going to do today?" Bella said, "Well let's have lunch and talk about it."

Everyone seemed to agree in lack of a better plan and we decided to have lunch at the same place where I had first met both sisters (The outdoor cafe). This time we were there first and it was Lisa who arrived afterwards. Bella and I were all smootches and didn't notice Lisa approaching. We only noticed when she was standing almost directly over us. She said.."Sorry. No flowers"

And Bella pretended to stab an imaginary pencil at Lisa. Lisa was only half amused and seemed more interested in how much we'd gotten closer. She noted how every time she saw us that we were more and more mushy. Which of course was an exxageration because she only saw us a couple of times together. But it did seem like alot.

While we ate Bella said.."I have news Lisa. Mark is gonna stay here in London for the rest of his trip. Lisa replied, "Reeeeally? That sounds nice. So what of the rest of your plan?"

I was thinking, "Bitch don't make this hard." But I didn't voice that. I said, "Well I try not to set hard schedules when I vacation so my only commitment is that I have to fly outta Italy for my plane ride home."

Bella said, "Isn't that sweet?" while she was hugging my arm. Lisa replied, "Verry sweet." With a smile on her face and slight hint of sarcasm in her voice. I was thinking, "What the fuck's her problem? That time of the month or something?" Bella didn't seem to notice and I wasn't about to bring it up and make things uncomfortable. All I cared about was that Bella was digging my company and I hers. That's it. But I did wish that I had Lisa's approval cause she was fun and very cute when she was playful with me like she'd been before.

Lisa said, "Bella. You DO know that we have friends right? You can't simply ignore them for a couple of months. You've already been gone 2 months from your trip and you still haven't called anybody. Charlize called and was wondering about you. She wants to throw you a welcome back party. Are you gonna call her?"

Bella shrugged her shoulders like she didn't really care and said, "Yeah. Maybe later today." Lisa kind of shook her head and just laughed gently as if to say that Bella was lost in her own world. I was looking at Bella at the time so Lisa put her hand on top of mine to get my attentiona and said, "Well, since you'll be here a while. Maybe it's a good idea you meet our friends. We'll throw you and Bella a party." I said, "Cool." But really I was dreading the idea. I imagined a bunch of rich snooty fucks looking down on me. It seemed like I had won the lottery running into these 2 rich girls who weren't above hanging out with me...a poor (compared to them), american, ex-gangster, and not white like I imagined all of their friends were.

Bella noticed our waiter was AWOL for a long time so she went to flag him down for more iced tea. I decided to let Lisa know that I noticed her little attitude. "You're being a pain in the ass. There's no reason. What's up?" She said, "I know..I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. I guess I'm just a bit jealous of you guys." She seemed genuinely apologetic so I left it at that not wanting to drag it on. I joked with her just to lighten things up again before Bella got back and noticed something was up. I said, "You BETTER be sorry!" And she moved her hand from mine and started pretending to tickle me. Bella walked back and was happy that we seemed to be laughing and getting along. All seemed cool now except I wasn't looking forward to that party. Oh well, maybe it would fall through. Afterall, it had not been officially decided or planned that it would happen yet.

To be continued...

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After lunch we decided to take a tour of BBC studios. I guess it was some famous television studio. It sounded kind of boring like going to Universal Studios but with no rides and stuff. I reluctantly agreed to go. I was actually surprised that it was fun. There were all kinds of cool props in the props department. There was an interactive studio where we got to be on film and had turns being a fake news anchor. It was kind of cool. I was being my typical smart ass self and started talking with a fake British accent and clowning their news anchors and had everyone in stitches.

There was a garden that was pretty cool, superstar dressing room, a bunch of galleries of all the famous folks who had been there, and there were tons of hotties cruising around. Most worked there and some were visitors. Bella kept teasing me that I was about to dump her for one of the girls I saw especially this one anchor who I kept noticing. She was actually really hot. But I don't know or remember who the fuck she was.

Then Bella suggested that we do the Wimbledon tour. I was like, "What the hell is a Wimbledon?". I know what it is now, but, that was a time when I definitely was not into Tennis. I'm not into it now, but, I've heard about it enough now cause of TV's obsession with young Eastern European beauties wearing short skirts and tight shorts that I know about it's importance in the Tennis world. Then? No. I guess Bella and Lisa have been playing tennis since they were little and were pretty into it. Lucky I didn't say anything to make fun of the sport else I woulda been kicking myself. I put on my fakest smile and went along. It was just like I thought...pretty boring and alot of the people who worked there were pretty snooty like. But I was with these 2 pretty British girls so I guess I got a pass. No snootiness seemed to be directed at me.

The whole Wimbledon tour was pretty lame to me and even though I played along pretty well it was obvious to Lisa (who was all excited about going) that I was not as enthusiastic and relaxed as I was when we were at BBC studios. She said, "You're entirely bored aren't you" To which I replied, "Nah! What are you talking about I'm having a blast! I thought I'd never get to see a bunch of dudes wearing tight white shorts like EVER! Now I have and it was great!" Bella was busting up laughing and so was Lisa.

Bella - "You're just jealous cause those guys get all the girls."

Me - "I got you didn't I? You must have really low standards then"

Bella - Flirting now... "No I have really high standards"

It felt awkward and corny and Lisa noticed.

Lisa - "OH (pause) MY (pause) GOD. I just ate lunch. You guys are soooo corny..."

Bella - "YOU'RE just jealous."

And Lisa got a bit quiet after that comment. I thought...Hmmm...there is a dynamic between these 2 sisters that so far escapes me. But on the surface little sister is jealous of alot of things about big sister. wasn't really an awkward moment...more like a quiet one for a few seconds. Whatever. But now we were all in a joking mood and were being total smartasses to eachother. After a while we were trying to decide on dinner. Bella started making fun and suggesting that I cook dinner. She was referring to my cooking skills she saw when we were making breakfast. I said, "Sure" to her surprise and Lisa was grilling me on what I was gonna make. Bella seemed equally as interested but she wasn't asking me what I was going to make as much as what ingredients I needed. I thought, "Shit. Now I've done it. If I can't find the ingredients I've commited myself to total embarrassment."

So we were on a mission to get the ingredients. In the car I was listing them off and one by one Lisa and Bella kept saying that they knew where to find that and we could probably get most of that stuff at this asian market they knew of. Hmm...I said, "What is there a huge Filipino community in London or what?" Apparently there were alot of asians there. I didn't know that. In fact, there was no such thing as British food really. Everything was imported including the people who knew how to make the food...Italian, French, Indian (and there were alot of East Indian people and restaurants there), you name it. We get there and I get the ingredients. I insisted on paying for everything cause if I screwed it up I would be less embarrassed.

When we got to Bella's flat we decided to chill for a few and watched some TV. After a while I got anxious and wanted to get started cooking so I got up and started washing the vegetables. Lisa asked if wanted help and I said yes. Because the dish I was making was simple, but, time consuming. I was making a traditional Filipino dish called lumpia. Which is really a type of egg roll, but fatter and more filling than your typical asian egg roll. I had my own recipe passed to me from my mom and her sisters. So I instructed Lisa on how to cut the vegetables but there was only 1 cutting surface so we were elbow to elbow cutting up all the veggies. Bella saw that we were starting to have fun making dinner so she said, "I wanna help.." In a kind of playful but whiny way. I said cool, and instructed her how to cook the ground beef for us. I was having fun. Now I was the star and I had all my ingredients except for the typical white rice dish. I wanted to use a more flavorful less sticky rice that I thought they might like. So I chose one from the store. I also bought some Filipino dessert that I was surprised they had there, ube halaya.

Bella seemed impressed, especially because of how I pretended to be a dunce in the kitchen that morning. I think she realized that there was more to my actions than meets the eye. So she was smiling ear to ear the whole time we were cooking paying close attention to all the stuff I was doing. Then, before you knew it, dinner was served. We sat down and I pretended to be a prissy waiter from an expensive restaurant and had the kitchen towel draped over my forearma and all that. HAHAHA :). I served them and then a plate for myself. I poured us all some white wine which I bought from the store and they waited for me to sit down before we ate. They started eating and Bella loved it. Lisa seemed to like it to, but, Bella was more forthcoming with the compliments. Lisa, was just eating...which I guess can be taken as another compliment. Afterall, Lisa didn't strike me as the type to be fake. If she didn't like something you'd know it.

The phone rings and Bella gets up to answer it. Lisa says, "Since when do we start answering the phone during dinner?" and shakes her head.

Bella - "Mom! Hi!...we're eating dinner...yeah. Marc cooked it. Yes his name's Marc...umm...uhh ok. Well can I call you later? OK bye."

I didn't hear the other side of the conversation so that's what I heard. Bella then says, "That was mum." She alternated between mum and mom...why I don't know. "She wants us to come for dinner tomorrow."

Lisa - "Well what did she say?"

Bella - "She just insisted on us coming to dinner tomorrow. She just said that if Marc was good enough to cook me dinner and be introduced to you that they should meet him."

Lisa - "Well what did you say?"

Bella - "I said yes of course. What would you have said?"

and Lisa was quiet. There was no real tension in the air, in fact, everyone seemed jovial still. But we all seemed to know without saying that we were in for it tomorrow.

I thought. "Fuck". That was the LAST thing I wanted.

Lisa then started laughing..."I guess you're meeting my parents tomorrow."

Bella was looking for my reaction and I knew she would be. So on the outside I remained cool and calm. But inside I was the ONLY reason why I even wanted to meet with her sister was so Bella would be more at ease with going out with me and I could get in her panties. I already achieved that goal. Now, meeting Lisa wasn't so bad cause she was funny and easy on the eyes. But now I was gonna meet the whole god damn family. Hahaha... oh well I guess.

To be continued...

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Dinner is finished and Lisa finally compliments me. Apparently she and Bella both love Asian food, mostly Indian food, but others, and have never had anyone they knew cook it for them in person. Cool. Home run. They seemed genuinely stoked. They also dug on the dessert but I didn't make that. Still, just cause I'm Filipino (and a quarter Spanish) I might as well have made it. I got credit for everything that night (as far as dinner was concerned. The rice was pre-made and everything. Hahaha.

We were sitting around the table and I confessed how I was a bit nervous about meeting their parents. What was I supposed to say to them. It would be obvious that I had interest in Bella to say the least. They would be able to tell...and if we told them that we'd been hanging out for days anyone who's even remotely perceptive would realize that I was intent on banging at least one of the daughters. Of course all of this went unsaid. I said something more like, "Well...I'm worried what your parents might think...that's all." And on that note Bella said, "Well I promised that I'd call my mum back tonight...maybe I can talk her out of the idea."

I said, "Cool". You know...the mind gets wishy washy in a situation like that. Because one part of you thinks, "Man I don't want to meet her parents. For what?" Another part of you is like, "Who the fuck cares? What's the worst that could happen? Besides...what if it turns out interesting?" At the time the situation would suck having to meet the probably dissaproving parents, but, I would surely get through it unless the dad blasted me with a shotgun.

Anyhow Bella grabs the cordless phone and starts talking with her mom on the phone. She's walking around the living room at first then eventually wanders off to her room. I assume it was intentional so that I didn't have to hear the obviously funky conversation, at least her side of it. Oh well, I resigned to my choice of attitudes about the situation by not giving a shit really what happened at that point and just go with the flow. Lisa and I decide to watch the tube and sit down next to eachother on the big couch. We were watching TV and it occurred to me that we never really had a serious conversation about her. Every question or comment was about me up to that point. So, I decided to pry. I turned to her to ask questions. Here was the gist of our conversation:

Me - "So it's my turn to ask questions."

Lisa - "Shoot." Turning towards me too she bends one knee and puts it on the couch. Cool now I could see her bare legs when her skirt fell away from her legs. Made for a nicer conversation.

Me - Trying to flirt while asking a question. "You're gorgeous and outgoing but I never hear you talk about having a boyfriend."

Lisa - "I just broke up with a boyfriend about a month ago."

Me - "Sorry to hear that. I guess he was a jerk, right?"

Lisa - "I guess he was, OK. But he was boring."

Me - "So how long were you guys together?"

Lisa - "A few months."

Me - Trying to lighten things up by making fun of her. "So you just used him for sex then...and when he couldn't keep up anymore you dumped him. Right?"

Lisa - "That's a bold accusation from someone who's shagging someone they just met."

Me - Damn she got me good. I couldn't assume that she wasn't witty just cause she acted goofy or playful alot cause she was obviously sharp witted. So I said, "Touche. But I really dig your sister. It just so happens we met on a plane."

Lisa - "On your vacation? Mmmmhmmmm..." As if to say, "Yeah right."

Me - "Be nice. I've been nothing but nice to you. Plus I always mean what I say"

Lisa - "You've been nice to my Bella. And guys always think they mean what they say, but they don't always do what they say."

Me - Damn...bitch is getting the better of me in this conversation. And it seems that she's decided to let me know exactly who she is. That she knows what's up more than I think she does. I just chalked it up to being normal under the circumstances. I mean being the silent observer, so to speak, it's easy to look from the outside and see what's going inside. Until you get in the middle of things it's almost hard not to notice. I decided not to take it further. "Well I can't prove anything to you. You'll just have to wait and see." Doh! What the hell did I just say? I was gonna leave in less than 2 months. It's like I gave her a sword to stab me with. So I waited for it to come.

Lisa - She just laughed gently and her tone changed. "You're just lovers. Leave it at that. But don't worry, I like you still"

Me - "Still? Why thank you your grace...I would surely slit my throat and stab a dagger through my heart if you did not approve." And I moved my hand in a circle towards my chest and bowed pretending to bow like one would do to nobility.

Thankfully this got her laughing. At herself or at me I still don't know, but, she seemed to enjoy a battle of wits especially if the swords were sharp tongues. We all know those types. I wasn't done with the questions yet though and decided to change things up a bit and see where it would go. I asked her what she did for work, what she liked to do for fun, what Bella was like before she met me. She did hair design for a boutique whose main customers were aspiring models. She was the assistant manager. She felt accomplished being so young and haven't gotten so far. She said she knew she wanted to do something outside of her family's expectations and knew hair design was it from a very young age. Her family didn't and still doesn't approve. She apparently could give 2 shits, though.

She liked to go out dancing at clubs. She liked salsa, but, went more often to clubs where pop music was played and less formal dancing happened. And she said, "I like boys but they don't like me. At least after they get to know me after a while. I guess they don't like strong women."

I could see why some dudes would get turned off by her after a while. But I couldn't see any dude even considering not fucking the shit out of her first. Hell naw. If I had met her first I woulda did everything I could to try and rail that ass. I could only picture the way she danced with me when we went out to that Salsa club. I decided to flirt and cheer her up if I could. Although she didn't sound down at all I wanted to put a smile on her face and keep it cheery. Plus flirting was my forte, my MO, and how I got into Bella's pants. I'd flirt with someone's mom if it would get me in the door to nail her daughter. Anyway...I said, "I like strong women. They usually know what they want and if they agreed to go out with you, then they WANT you..." She starts laughing knowing that I was talking about sex. "Maybe guys get intimidated by you on the dance floor cause they don't think they can hang with you. I saw the way you move." I said this smiling while she was laughing.

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She says, "So you think I dance to sexy or aggressive, huh?" I reply, "Not sexy enough" knowing that she would realize I was being facetious. I think we both remembered how hammered and how sexy she was dancing that night. She counters, "Bella doesn't dance aggressive..." And I say, "But she does dance sexy." It was obvious we were talking about something other than dancing but I didn't want to get out of hand with my comments cause I realized that I didn't know everything about this girl and I didn't want it to bite me later.

My last comment seemed to quiet her a bit. It seemed like she got a bit jealous. It's pretty obvious to me by that point that she gets jealous of Bella alot. She was smiling but she stopped talking when just a second ago she would instantly shoot back a reply to anything I said. I decided to move on..."I think you both dance very sexy. Just different."

Lisa - "Very different."

Me - "So what was Bella up to before she met me?"

Lisa - "Well she was broken up from a guy she dated for years. 6 years in fact. He was a cheater and I knew it all along but it was hard to prove it to her. Finally she caught him and I didn't have to tell her anymore. So she decided to go away for a while before she went back to school so she could kinda forget about him."

Me - "Then she met me. I guess I'm her rebound guy then, eh?"

Lisa - Busting up laughing. "That's right."

Me - Trying to give myself an out even if just in jest. "I guess she'll just dump me when she's done with me."

Lisa - "Not quite. Bella would never let you in if she didn't like you. She likes you." Man this bitch didn't make it easy and she had this half smile and half smirk on her face as if to say...uh uh..nope..ain't gonna be that easy.

To tell the truth I didn't really care what she thought about me and Bella. I actually was really digging for real digging on her. I wanted to somehow keep it going past my vacation. I hadn't figured it all out yet, and I was definitely intimidated, but I was aware that I wanted more from her.

Me - "I really like Bella."

Lisa - "Yeah I know. I can tell."

Me - "I like you too when you're not biting my head off."

She snaps her teeth at me pretending to bite something. After a while we start watching some romantic comedy she put on we both start falling asleep. Bella came out finally after about an hour and a half woke me. She apologized for being on the phone so long and gave me a kiss. I was too tired to think about sex and all I could think of was sleeping. In fact I wish I was back at my hotel where all my shit was so I could get a proper sleep. But I wasn't and there was slim chance I would be going back there tonight. Lisa was crashed out but woke up while Bella and I were talking. She asked Bella if she could crash there tonight cause she was too tired to drive home. Bella agreed without hesitation and I imagined how awkward it would be to sleep on the couch if they shared Bella's bed cause there was a chance they might chat about our conversation and Bella's with their mom.

But after I brushed my teeth, I asked Bella for a blanket so I could sleep on the couch and she said, "Nonsense. We can all fit on my bed." I liked the idea and looked at Lisa to see her reaction. She didn't seem to care and was half asleep. I realized I didn't have jammies and would definitely not be able to sleep in my underwear. So I said, "I guess I'm sleeping in my jeans tonight." Bella goes, "Awwww sorry sweetie..." I replied, "If you have a spair pair of guy's jammies please don't tell me bout it. I'll just sleep in jeans thanks." Lisa says half asleep, "She probably does" and starts rummaging through Bella's drawers for jammies. She finds some and heads to the bathroom. Bella just changes in front of me. I would give some details here but I honestly don't remember thinking about anything except crashing out. So I just took of my shirt and plopped down on the bed. I chose the side that Bella usually sleeps on cause I figured they would just sleep on the rest. A couple of minutes later Bella tells me to scoot over. Apparently she REALLY likes her side of the bed. Lisa comes out of the bathroom finally, turns out the lights, and just plops down on the other side. Bella cozies up to me throws a leg over mine and we start to nod off.

To be continued...

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So we fall asleep. But my mind was racing in my sleep and I kind of toss and turn. I finally wake myself up and Bella is out and turned away from me facing the windows. When I woke up I was laying flat on my back and my head was turned towards Lisa. It was pretty dark so I couldn't see at first but my eyes began to adjust. She was turned to her side facing me. I could feel some of her leg touching mine. I did what every normal red blooded male would do and imagined fucking the shit out of her. My dick was starting to twitch and I could feel a stiffy coming on. I was trying my hardest not to let that happen. It would be sooo embarrasing. Why oh why did I not think of this before I agreed to sleep on the bed. Shit.

Suddenly Lisa breathed in and I see her chest puff up and she exhales. Part of the blanket is off of us cause of my tossing and turning I supposed but it allowed me to get a decent view of Lisa. She was about 5' 3" long legs, fit, but with a little baby fat still due to her youthful 21 years of age. She had bigger tits than her sister but not a D I think. But she had the same flawless olive skin. She was wearing one of Bella's light t-shirts and some shorts that were pretty short and kinda loose bade of sweat pant material. She coulda been wearing a potato sack and I woulda dug on her looks. My eyes had fully adjusted to the low light coming in from the windows by now and I had been checking Lisa out for about 5 minutes now. I was about to try and fall back asleep and think of something else so I wouldn't get a hard on but Lisa breathed in deeply again and when she sighed to exhale her eyes opened. "SHIT!" I thought. I got caught watching her sleep. I was just waiting for her to say something and wake up Bella. But she did a little laugh and ever so slightly shook her head as if she was thinking, "I knew it. You're just like all other guys." She turned away and now both girls were facing away from me. Her ass was totally in full line of sight and the tshirt she was wearing was fitting and very thin. She was wearing no bra so I could see every curve of her body. Normally I would imagine doing the dirtiest things to her, but under the circumstances all I could think was, "Shit!"

I turned to my side and facing Bella and began spooning her. She sighed and smiled not knowing what had just transpired. Secretly I had hoped that I could give some sort of excuse the following morning when I knew shit would surely hit the fan. I was thinking of the lamest excuses when I fell asleep. I remember waking up and Bella was already awake but still in bed. She kissed me good morning and asked me to help make breakfast. I did and soon Lisa joined us. She got a cup of coffee and sat to my right and Bella was to my left. All breakfast long I waited for it but it never came. She never said anything. Maybe I was making it bigger just in my own mind. I dismissed the thought and moved on.

To be continued...

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Lisa didn't hang out with us that day. She went home and went to work. Bella and I were just lounging for most of the morning. At some point she jokingly asked, "So was that the first time you slept in a bed with 2 girls?" I said, "No. But it is the first time with 2 sisters. You should've seen us. We waited for you to fall asleep and were fucking like rabbits right next to you while you slept." I shouldn't have said it so crudely, but I did. Bella was not her sister and was more reserved in how she joked and spoke. More my type really.

But she started ticking me and said, "How dare you!?" she jumped on me while I was laying on the couch and that instantly gets Jr. standing at attention. We have a quickie on the couch which was cool by me, but, she didn't get hers. I wanted to focus more on her but she wouldn't let me. She said we'd be there all day and she wanted to get out. So after me chasing her around the place and her shrieking and laughing trying to get away I decided to leave her be. I asked if I could take a shower with her still and she agreed only if I behaved. I did and decided to act like a gentleman so that she knew she could trust me. We get out of the shower, get dressed, and decide to do our exploring on foot or taxi that day. But I would have to go to my place first and get new clothes. Bella said, "Why don't you just stay at my place from now on? You've already paid for several extra days there and you're never even there?" I agreed that it would be a good idea so we drive there just to get my stuff. I check out and it was another whopping bill to check out. Damn. Oh well...I'd also saved alot of money not flying to other places and not going to other hotels. But this was my splurge nice hotel so I was still bummed. Oh well. At least It should balance out since I would no longer have to stay at other hotels. I get my stuff and we dropped it back off at her place. Then we finally start our day.

We walk for quite a while and it's a little cold and was drizzling off and on. We're holding hands and it feels nice. I ask her the same question I asked Lisa the night before which was, "So what were you up to before you met me?" Her answer was the same as Lisa's. She told me alot about her ex boyfriend who she'd expected to propose but instead found out he was cheating. She seemed over him but it was obvious that the whole failed relationship still had it's affect on her. She said, "You're here now though." I didn't dare take it any further cause I was afraid of where it would go. I don't know if I was ready to think about what happens after my vacation. We spent the day just chillin and walking around random places which is how I like to explore anyway. I like to vacation in a way that I do things the natives would do...not tours and attration sites only. So it was cool and I had a pretty girl on my arm.

It started to rain lightly so we rushed to find a place to go inside. We found some Parisian restaurant and we hung out there for quite a long time. We had coffee and after a while decided to have lunch accompanied with a couple of glasses of wine each. I told her about a failed relationship I had and how I was engaged once and it failed. It made her feel better that I knew what she was going through and that the subject went from her to me. We finally had our alone time that she was craving. We were under no rush because I was no longer leaving in a few days but I could tell that we both appreciated the time.

We decided to get a taxi so that we could watch a movie. We watch the movie (Sorry guys I don't remember the name, who was in it, and what the director's name was, and what the movie was rated.) My mind was all on what to do after my vacation and what I would do. I'd forgotten that I would meet her parents that night. After the movie Bella wanted to take a nap at her place so we took a taxi all the way back. We fell asleep pretty quickly and before you knew it, it was about time to go to her parents.

We were still in bed but wide awake when Lisa called and said that she'd meet us there. Bella threatened her, "You better not leave us hanging. You better be there." It was quiet in the room other than the sound of rain outside and I could hear Lisa reply, "Don't worry. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

We wash up and I get changed and we were on our way. We get there and I couldn't believe the size of their house. It wasn't some huge castle. But I would definitely classify it as a small mansion. Bella's mom answers the door and I immediately notice Lisa leaning on the wall a few feet behind her mom. She has a smile on her face and is obviously curious to see what happens. Bella and I are not holding hands or even remotely showing interest in eachother. I don't really mind. I didn't blame her at all. I also now knew where the 2 girls beauty came from. Her mom was a hot 40 something who I would still bang relentlessy if she were'nt so rich and snooty. She was fit and took care of herself. She had almost the same exact figure as her 2 daughters. She was pleasant at the door and invited us in. Of course Bella needed no invitation and was already walking in, but, it was her mom just being formal. I say hi to Lisa and she gives Bella a hug and then me. I notice their mother hiding a look of shock at our comfort level with eachother. She starts walking and we eventually get to the dining area. I tried my hardest not to be awed by the huge place and expensive furnishings. Doing that would definitely put me out of place. Even more than I already was. I acted as if having a place like that was normal. That was my goal that act as normal as possible without giving too much detail of myself if that was possible considering why I was meet her parents.

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We sit down and her dad walks in. He's tall and in his forties as well. Dark hair, and a mustache. Fit and looked like he could kick my ass. He had a touch look about him. I instantly get the butterflies cause I couldn't have imagined how intimidating this all would be. We sit down and they have a cook who starts bringing out food for us. Her dad is sitting at the head of the table and is looking at me the whole time. I was trying hard not to have eye contact. But I didn't know what to look at or what to say. I decided not to be too bold and start talking. I would let the conversation flow from the other end. Bella's mom instantly asks where I'm from and what I did. I told her I came from LA and was a student and that I majored in English with a focus on creative writing. She asked if I aspired to become a writer and I said, yes. In fact I wasn't sure what the hell I wanted to do. But I felt like I shouldn't sound wishy washy or unsure of myself around them. Lisa was sitting directly across from me looking amused. Bella was to my left sitting next to her dad and her mom was right across her. Her mother seems cordial but underneath that facade it felt like she strongly disapproved. Her dad was staring at me the whole time and it seems like he looked at me like I was the help and wondered why his daughters would be mixing with the likes of me. Dad starts talking and asks me how we met. Bella jumps and starts describing how me met on the plane. She's obviously excited and her dad is looking more and more curious. He looks calm but pissed cause I'm sure it's obvious that I'm either banging his daughter or trying to. Her mom seems irritated still but intrigued.

I didn't dare flirt with her to get her approval. Her dad might shoot me or something. The food is all there now and we have like a friggin 30 course meal. Her dad says grace and we start to eat. Her mom starts asking about me cooking dinner and I describe what we had. Bella's all excited and is talking about how they helped too. Her mom loves to cook too and starts talking about her favorite recipes. Lisa out of nowhere says, "He's a cook and a fighter, dad!" Her mom was surprised by Lisa cutting her off but is looking at me for an explanation. Her dad says, "Fighter ey?" Lisa continues, "Yes. He's a genuine LA gangster." And Bella looks like she wants to stab Lisa's eyes with her pitchfork. Her dad, "Gangster?" I didn't want to look pissed at Lisa, but, I kicked her under the table without being obvious. She just smiles and shrugs her shoulders. Bella is seething. I said, "Well...I got into trouble with gangs. I didn't get along with them. But I grew up around them so I dressed similarly and it caused me some trouble" Her dad surprisingly looks impressed and said, "I've gotten into a couple of fights myself. But I never hurt anybody." I replied, "Me neither. Just a few bruises and black eyes. I was an honorable gangster." I said that kind of as a joke and everyone started laughing. Her dad's frown had turned upside down. So I decided to capitalize on this moment cause it could disappear in a snap, especially with my friend Lisa blabbing her mouth. I said, "So I'm interested in your stories sir. Tell us about them." He says that he doesn't want to get so much into that over dinner but that he grew up in a rough neighborhood in Spain. He got in more than his fair share of fights growing up especially that his parents were not well off. He made it his life's goal to get him and his parents out of that place and he did. You could tell he was proud of his accomplishments. I assumed the wealth they had was at least partially his doing, but, who knows what the mother did. I didn't want to carry on about my background so I didn't try to relate or anything. I just said, "Impressive." I know I'm a kiss ass...but that's how a playa gotta be in a situation like that naw mean?

We started to talk about how long I was staying in London and I said about 1 1/2 months. They asked where and I froze for a second and looked at Bella. Whoops. Lisa noticed something was up and was looking at me funny. I'm sure she figured that I decided to stay with Bella. I pretended that I didn't remember the name of the place so I had my excuse to look at Bella all of a sudden and asked her what the name was. She said what the name was and they said, if they even heard of that place. To them they probably looked at that place as if it was the motel 6. After dinner her dad asked me to join him in the parlor which was a cigar room and offered me one. I said that I didn't smoke but could try one. He insisted on me trying one. It tasted nasty to me but I pretended that I liked it. They had a pool table in the middle of the room and he asked me if I played pool. I thought it would be cool to play pool while we smoked so I asked him if he would like to play a game. He said, "Well I was just about to suggest that." He wants to play some crazy game that has only red and white balls and I had no fucking clue. All I knew was 8 ball and so I fessed up. He had those too and I racked. He broke and this dude knew how to play. While he was shooting he said, "My girls are really special to me. So what are your intentions, son?" He did this all while not even looking at me. I wish Bella and/or Lisa was with me but they were chatting with their mom in another room. Plus I think the alone time with her dad was all planned ahead of time.

He seemed perceptive enough to see through my bullshit if I had totally lied and said that I just wanted them to show me around. So I told a half truth. "I really like Bella. We've seem to become good friends while I've been here. But I don't really know how to could be anything more since I'll be leaving soon." He bought it. Or maybe he just didn't care as much if I banged her as long as I left when I was done. I dunno. He said, "That's right son. You 2 are young and you won't be able to maintain any kind of friendship when you go back home. She's not moving there and you're not coming here" You could tell he was used to being in charge. I shook my head yes but didn't agree to anything. I get my turn to shoot and sink a couple of balls. His turn now and he cleans up. The game was done and so he seemed content having beaten me and I think he felt like he'd made his point clear and he probably assumed that I acquiesced to do as he told. Screw him. I would do what I want...maybe not in front of him...but I would do what I want. He suggests we see what the girls were doing so we go to the room where they were at. We walk in the room and Bella and her mom were sitting on some lounge and Lisa was standing nearby leaning next to the bar. Lisa pours a glass of wine and hands it to me while she was sipping hers. She was smiling through her eyes looking at me. I'm sure she knew I could use one right about now. Bella's mom is a little more loose now and I notice that there are a few empty glasses on the bar. I assumed that a couple of them were hers. She was talking to me a bit more comfortable now and was asking about salsa dancing. Apparently the girls were bragging about my dancing. I was talking about it when she cut me off and said you'll have to show me sometime. Everyone in the room seemd to notice that she was a bit inebriate. Their dad instantly replies, "OK. I think it's time for us to retire. You kids stay as long as you like and we'll see you later." The mom denied that she was drunk but she gave me a hug before being swept away by their dad. Weird. They go upstairs and we decide to leave. We walk outside and the cars were far enough away from their parents room that Bella said to Lisa, "Why in the world would you do that?"

Lisa - "I did it to help."

Bella - "How did that help."

Lisa - Looking at me now "Did that not help? What would you 2 have talked about if you had ABOSULTELY NOTHING in common?" She had a point.

Me - "I suppose."

Bella just sighs and shakes her head. Lisa said, "Mum knows. We didn't have to tell her." To which Bella replies, "I know."

Me - "Well I survived." And I started laughing. Bella seems relieved that I didn't care too much. I didn't really.

Lisa - Well...I think we should celebrate! Let's get a drink!"

Bella - "I don't think so. We've had enough fun for tonight. I'll call you tomorrow"

Lisa - "OK fine. But I spoke to Charlize and we're going to through you a party this weekend. Marc you can come too of course."

Bella - " should tell me before you just make plans for me."

Lisa - "Sorry Bella. Don't be so touchy. Besides we can't just ditch all our friends. It'll be fun."

And on that note we all went our separate ways. To be continued...
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day prepping for the party at Bella's place. I suggested that we do some typical

barbecue to make it easy. They apparently had not had barbecue that often and

thought it was some kind of chore especially since Bella didn't have a grill. I

asked if we could order some and so we found a place that would deliver some

ready made barbecue. Bella and Lisa both liked the idea of barbecue. They seemed

to think it was some special kind of food or some shit. Maybe they were used to

eating other stuff. I dunno.

We got chips and dips, and all kinds of other crap that people usually eat at

parties. They liked all the ideas and Lisa said, "Cool. A typical American

party." I thought of beer instead of wine and we could put it in a cooler

outside in the small backyard she had. Really it was a small garden in back of

her house. Bella said, "Great! Only I don't have a cooler."

Lisa - "I do. But's it's too heavy to get."

Bella - "Marc can you go get it?"

Me - "Me? I'm not going to drive here. I'd get lost."

Bella - "Lisa could take you and I'll keep getting everything ready."

Me - "Uhhh..ok I guess..."

Lisa and I get in her car and she's cruising along. We finally get there and we go inside. She shows me where the cooler is and it's not even that big. It was kinda heavy but not really. Lisa then says, "Well I'm gonna go ahead and get ready because the party will start soon." She shows me the remote to the TV and I start watching the tube. I was like, "Great now I'm gonna be sitting here flipping through channels while she takes a million years to get ready. I hear the shower turn on. I was watching for about 15 minutes when I hear Lisa, "Hey can you come here for a sec?" I didn't think nothing of it...I put down the control and started walking towards the hallway and around the bend. Then she surprises me and pushes me up against the wall. Not too hard but she's holding me there. She's naked, "Now you can see me. I know you were looking at me when we were sleeping.." I'm like, "Uuuhhh....I don't think we ..."

Lisa - "Bella's not here. It's just me and you."

And she starts feeling groping my dick throug my clothes and kisses me. I kiss her back. I was torn. Then I push her away slightly so I can talk and said, "I can't. Your sister. And you can't."

Lisa - "Don't worry. I won't tell her if you don't. You'll be leaving soon...and I don't want you to go without doing it."

I realized that I had my arm around her back holding her close to me and she had one hand groping my dick. One of my hands was on one of her tits. She kissed me again very aggressively this time and I kissed her back getting an instant hard on. But I couldn't go through with it. I wantd to bang more right then and there more than anything. But I knew that I'm not a person that can look at someone in the eye and straight lie, especially when there is something so big to be guilty of. I knew it would be obvious to Bella that something was up. So I said, "Look. I really want to. But I can't. And I don't know if I could trust you. You haven't been on my side this whole time. We can't. I can't look at Bella after this and she'll know."

But she knew after I'd touched her and kissed her back that she had a chance that I'd give in. Women have that power over men. Pussy is a man's kryptonite. So she grabbed my hand and led it to her pussy and placed my hand over it. Then she said, "I know you'll touch me before you go home and I'm not gonna leave you alone til you do."

Her pussy was wet and aww man it was nice. I wanted to fucking throw her against the wall and nail her till she passed out. But I couldn't. She left me leaning against the wall and walked seductively into her bedroom. She looked back to see if I was looking. Of course I was fucking looking and she knew it. She smiled a huge smile and went to get dressed. I sat back down tripping out trying to compose myself. I knew that it would be hard to keep a cool face after all that and talk to Bella. Lisa finally gets ready and we were going out the door. She grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall again and started kissing me. I kiss her back and this time I said "fuck it" and started groping her ass, pussy, and tits. I kiss her back start grinding my dick into her pussy. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. I push her against the wall and grind into her hard. She's moaning and says, "Let's go into the room." I said, "No. Not now." And she smiled and is about to french kiss me again so she sticks her tongue out and I suck on it ever so seductively. She starts moaning and I grind into her harder. I let her down slowly and start walking out the door. She's standing there for a sec catching her breath and finally starts walking out the door too. She locks up and we're quiet walking down stairs. Before we get in her car she smiles at me and her grin is ear to ear. She says, "I knew you would."

And we get into her car and head back to Bella's place.

To be continued...

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Here we are in the car. I'm quiet and trying to think of what Lisa's gonna act like when we get back to Bella's. I wasn't worried about looking guilty as much as I was worried about Lisa. She was unpredictable. Lisa has one thing on her mind and seems like she's not worried in the least about getting caught. Maybe because women can be great liars when they want to be. Me, I was somewhat used to telling a girl I was dating that I went to do something else like visit my parents or some shit when I really went out clubbing. So, I guess I had my fair share of lies to get some play with other chicks.

Lisa - "So when are we gonna do it?"

Me - "We're not. Not unless I know I can trust you."

Lisa - "You can trust me." Smiling

Me - Me feeling like I had a sense of control over her now. I decided to try and use it. "Not til you do everything I say."

Lisa - "E-V-E-R-Y-thing you say?"

Me - "Yeah E-V-E-R-Y-thing"

Lisa - "I think I like that. So what first"

Me - "You have to prove to me that I can trust you."

Lisa - "How?"

Me - "I seriously don't want Bella to find out anything. ANYTHING!. So don't let on that anything is going on."

Lisa - "That's easy. I thought you were gonna say something sexy."

Me - "Well, you know I still like your sister right? I know you're gonna be jealous."

Lisa - "I can't be jealous if I get to have you too. Besides I'd be jealous if you guys were for real or something..."

And that's when I realized that I royally fucked up. I did like Bella alot and I was falling for her big time and she seemed like she was falling for me too. But no matter what happens now it's tainted. I was starting to get bummed. But I knew that I couldn't focus on negativity cause it would hit me at the party and it would show. We arrive at Bella's place and I feel like I'm forgetting something. Lisa's looking at me strange and goes, "What? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." We forgot the FUCKING COOLER! Shit. There was no time now. Bella saw us pull up and looked through the window. She stuck her head back in and was probably waiting for us to come inside.

Me - "We forgot the cooler."

This got Lisa busting up with laughter and was looking at me like it was supposed to be funny to me too. I wasn't feeling it.

Me - "You better think of an excuse fast. You made me forget."

Lisa - "Oh it's my fault is it? It takes 2 sweetie."

Me - "Here's my first rule. Start being nicer and maybe when there's a chance..."

Lisa - "Okay. Promise. Leave the excuse to me."

I didn't quite trust her, but what was I to do? I was trippin out on the whole situation. What the fuck was I doing? We walk in the door and Bella's asking where's the cooler. Lisa non-chalantly says, "I dug it up and it was moldy. It would've taken too long to clean and get ready."

Bella just says, "Gross. Oh well we'll just use the big cooler (her fridge)." She gives me a kiss on the cheek and I finish walking in through the doorway. Lisa just keeps walking in and I notice there's company. There was a girl and guy there and both were helping straighten up the place to get ready for the party. They both stop and Bella goes, "That's Charlize and her boyfriend Tommy. Tommy, Charlize this is Marc."

Charlize - "I've heard alot about you." while shaking my hand. She was not such a great looker. Red hair, kind of funky teef, nice body, but just average I guess. She was dressed nice and actually everyone was. Lisa was rocking a calf length dress and had a slit to her thigh. Bella was fucking gorgeous in this low cut black dress tight on the top til just below her hips then it was loose and flowy and went to her knees. The other chick was wearing some fucking dress and I imagine it was some expensive for no reason type of dress. It wasn't particularly sexy but maybe I just thought that cause she wasn't that hot. Whatever. Dude had slightly tussled hair and was wearing some conservative looking collared shirt with a sweater over it, trying to look like he was a Beatle who went to Harvard. I decided right then that I would get dressed. I leaned over and whispered to Bella that I wanted to get ready too. She said, "Yeah you're gonna run out of time. People will get her any second." And on that note I headed towards her room. I could tell that Charlize was totally in shock. There was a mirror in the hallway and I could see while I was walking towards Bella's room Charlize's exxagerated expression. Her jaw was dropped and eyes were all big and she was smiling through all that. Then she started pointing at me going towards the room not realizing that I could see her.

Bella was just nodding and smiling as if to say, "Yeah I know can you believe it? He has his stuff here and everything." The dude was smiling and had this look on his face and I imagined him just wishing it were him. I'm sure that fool had thought of banging at least one or both of these 2 girls at one point or another. Even if he never admitted it. Kinda made me chuckle. I made it to the room and jumped in the shower. I get done and start putting on my clothes. Lisa barges in and I look at her like, "Dude! WTF?" I said, "Be good." She said, "I know. Bella went out to grab the beer and Charlize and Tommy are in the garden chatting. I said, "Still... please?" She could tell I was serious and said, "I know." She walked up and squeezed my ass cheek and walked out. I know this girl was going to be trouble. I shoulda saw the signs from the first day I met her. But I guess I never cared to look cause who woulda pictured this? It was certainly not part of my plan.

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I go outside and start making small talk with Charlize. Tommy goes inside with Lisa and I hear them start talking. Charlize instantly is prodding to see what I'm all about. At this point I didn't really feel in the mood to talk about myself so I kept the answers kinda short but friendly. I flipped it around and asked about her. I don't remember what she did but it was in some office type job. Tommy and her worked together and is how they met is all I remember. Bella arrives and is happy to see me talking to Charlize. We help Bella bring the beer and and while we're doing that Bella says, "Charlize is my best friend from when we were in elementary." I said, "Wow. That's a long time" and Bella thinking that I was joking comes back, "Hey! Not THAT long" But I didn't mean it that way. We were joking around and it felt comfortable. People started arriving and they were just like I pictured...all white, dressed like they all had money, and looked kinda snooty. Some of their friends were a little older (maybe their thirties) and I could imagine the uncomfortable conversations I might have with them. Everyone was hounding Bella asking her about her trip, blah blah, and one chick asked if she'd met anyone. She was a ditz and everyone knew that something was up between me and Bella except this chick. People were looking at her like, "Duh!" cause now I heard that and put Bella and me on the spot. Bella cleverly goes, "Yeah look! I brought one back!" and calls me over. I thought she would just have me stand next to her while I shake her friends hand, but, she kisses my cheek and hugs my arm. She says, "This is Marc. We actually met on the plane back."

Everyone in the room was impressed it seemed. One cause they probably all knew Bella for some years and I knew her a couple of weeks and we're like this and two because I was the only colored dude in the room. That or I was the only poor dude in the room. I dressed decent I thought, but, I didn't have the $300 pair of shoes or anything like that. Bella made me feel nice. She didn't hide fact she was showing me off. But she also made me feel like shit. I'm here on the verge of slamming her sister in the ass about an hour prior and she's acting sooo fucking sweet to me. I notice Lisa in the corner chatting with someone but not really paying attention to them. She was looking at me and Bella. She was still smiling which was cool so I winked at her and she smiled bigger. I wanted to make sure she stayed happy so I didn't get drama especially in front of everyone.

The party draws on and to my surprise I was wrong about her friends. Well, atleast some of them. Mainly the girls. They all seemed interested in who I was and what I did. Lisa would occasionally jump in say how I was a gang banger and start getting all animated pretending to shoot people. She was sooo lame, but she was fucking funny. I noticed that she was kinda the life of the party. She always had everyone laughing and goofing around. It starts to get late and people are starting to leave. One by one they leave until it's just Bella, Lisa, and me once again. We all plop down on the couch at the same time and sigh like it was some big relief or something. Then we all start laughing. Bella's hugging on me and I started thinking about the situation again. Lisa all of a sudden asks if she can stay the night again. Bella thinks nothing of it and said, "Sure. I won't let you drive home in your condition anyway."

Here we go again. But this time Lisa and me had done shit. Fuck. This was gonna be a tough one. I brush my teeth and Bella and Lisa walk in. Lisa grabs some jammies from the same drawer she did last time and heads off to the bathroom to change. Bella just changes in front of me again and I was just going to plop down on the bed again when Bella said that she had a present for me. She got out a plastic bag and got out some jammies. "I hope you don't mind. I saw a boutique on my way to get the drinks earlier and I knew you needed them." I said, "Thank you. But you didn't have to." Bella, "I wanted to." I put them on and they fit. Then I finally plop down onto the bed and lay on Bella's side hoping she would just sleep there but no luck. Bella comes to the edge of the bed and says, "Hey scoot. It's still my bed." Shit. I knew I was in for a hard night (pun intended). Lisa comes out after what seemed like forever. She's wearing one of Bella's long jammy pants that was thing and kind of see through and a t-shirt with a similar material. No bra and there was nothing to imagine. But you couldn't see the color of her nipples or anything. But you could see the outline of her tits and the jammy pants clinging to every inch of her pussy and legs. Bella just said, "Oh those look cute on you." Smiled and asked Lisa to turn off the lights.

To be continued...

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Here we are all laying down on the bed. We we're talking about the success of the party and the conversation drifted to her friend Charlize. She began telling stories of Charlize and their childhood adventures and such, then the storytelling drifted to stories about Lisa and her. I was mainly quiet just trying not to get a hard on but also listening to Bella who was doing most of the talking. Lisa was turned to her side facing me with one hand propping up her head and Bella would alternate between laying her head on my chest to laying on her back. Both girls had on jammies that were slim fitting and thin so I was in heaven at the same time I was in hell cause I couldn't allow myself to get excited. But what normal red blooded male wouldn't be thinking about that?

I found out that "all the guys liked Bella" according to Lisa. But Bella said that Lisa always was the one with the different boyfriends. No surprise there. Then they start probing me about my past relationships. Bella at least knew about the one (my ex fiance) but they were teasing that I probably got with a ton of chicks before. I denied it and said that I'd only been with 3 girls. Hahaha. They didn't buy and we're like, "Yeah right. Tell us the truth." I said, "Serious...but with those three girls I had crazy wild unbridled sex with..." They knew I was joking and were laughing. Lisa decided to take the conversation to a different direction and asked what the kinkiest thing I've done was. I was like, "Uuuhh...." while I looked at Bella and she was laughing but kind of trying not to as if we'd done some of that kinky stuff. I guess you could call anal sex pretty kinky. I mean I'd never done that before Bella. So in a way that was the kinkiest physical act I'd done. But, I've done other things like role playing and shit that I was smart enough not to admit. I knew better. I said, " comment..." and Bella was laughing but we didn't admit anything. She turned to her side again with her leg thrown over my mine. She asked, "Why don't you tell US what the kinkiest thing YOU'VE done?" directing her question to Lisa.

Lisa - "I've been with a girl before."

Bella - "Who?" Not doubting her but more to ask who figuring she would know her.

Lisa - "Samantha Brown (That wasn't her name but I can't fucking remember what it really I'm just using that as a placeholder)"


Lisa - "I know. I know. It was fun actually."

Bella - "So did you guys do it do it or just kiss and stuff?"

Lisa - "We did everything that girls could do to eachother..."

Bella - "Oh my god.." Jaw dropping in disbelief but actually smiling and excited with the idea. "So did you guys keep doing it?"

Lisa - "You mean more than once? Yeah for about a month or so..."

Bella just sighs shaking her head trying to contain her disbelief with the news of her sister's sexual adventures.

Lisa - "And I've been with 2 guys before.."

Bella - "What? This is too much Lisa. I don't even know you..."

And everyone busts up in laughter for a gets quiet for a second and then...

Bella - "So...what was that like? Were'nt you scared? I mean 2 guys..."

Lisa - "No. It wasn't scary. I was nervous at first but that went away really fast after..."

Bella - Bella cuts her off "I don't even want to fact I don't even want to know who with"

Lisa - Seemingly very proud of herself now cause she has done things that Bella hasn't dared to do... "It was alot nicer than you think and I think every girl has a secret fantasy even if they don't admit it..."

Bella - "Not me.."

Lisa - "Yes you do."

Bella just shakes her head obviously thinking about what that would be like...

Lisa - "I know Marc's had some kinky experiences that he's not fessing up to...I'm not alone..."

Bella was lookinga at me to see what I'd say...

Me - "Like what?"

Lisa - "I don't anal sex...been with 2 girls...2 guys I don't know..."

We all start busting up laughing and Bella and I look at eachother knowing that we'd done the first thing she mentioned. But we still didn't admit to anything. Lisa notices that we looked at eachother...

Lisa - "See you guys aren't fessing up."

Me - "We've had anal sex."

Bella - "Marc!?" As she punches me and tickles me in the ribs...

Lisa - "I knew it! See..."

Me - "But that's it. Haven't been with 2 guys sorry to disappoint you... and laying her in bed with you 2 is the closest I've been to 2 girls..."

Shit I couldn't believe I'd said that. Even though I said it as a joke, Bella might think that I was suggesting it. In my mind Lisa being the obvious freak that she is would probably be down for it. So I decided to play it safe and make Bella think that I'd had enough of the conversation...just so she thinks that I'm on the monogomous tip and that I'm certainly not suggesting a 3way with her sister.

Me - "OK. I think it's time for bed now..." Hinting that the conversation had reached the end..

Bella just laughs and says, "You guys are crazy..". Lisa gets up and starts walking towards the light switch. Her ass and figure are captivating after the conversation we just had. Bella and I were both looking at her as she walked. But just to make sure that it didn't look like I was checking Lisa out I turned to Bella and smiled and just shook my head. She just laughed. Lisa turns off the lights and we all plop down and start to get settled for the night. We start trying to sleep. I think we were all having a hard time sleeping but eventually they dozed off. I was trying hard not to get horny but all I could think about was fucking Lisa's brains out. I had this brilliant idea turn to my side facing Bella who was facing away from me...that way if I get a boner Bella would naturally assume it was because I was spooning her. I was spooning her and started gently grinding my dick against her ass and I can feel her pussy lips spread every so slightly through her thin pants. She moaned and I kept doing what I was doing. Then I see her give a slight smile and whisper, "I'm sooo tired..." I said, "I'm sorry. I'm just so awake right now. I'll let you sleep."

Bella apologized for being to tired. Plus in her sleepiness she probably forgot that Lisa was on the other side of me. "I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tomorrow. If you're too awake you can go watch TV for a while." I said, "OK.". Gave her a kiss on the cheek and tried to somehow balance myself over her and onto the other side so I could stand up. As I was doing that her eyes were still closed but she gave me a kiss on my lips and said, "Don't stay up too late." I mosied on outside trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake them. I flipped on the TV and the volume was fucking loud. You know when you turn on the tube and forgot that the last time it was on you had the volume way up? Well, I forgot that the TV was on during the party at different times and they must have had to turn it up to hear it cause it was a loud ass party after all. I was like, "Shit!" and I scrambled to get the volume low. I found the volume controls pretty quickly but I'm sure Bella heard that if she was still awake.

Nobody came out and I was like, "Whew.." and started laughing to myself. I proceeded to watch the tube and didn't know what the fuck I was watching. The shows were kind of weird and after several rounds all the way through the channels I gave up. For a second I thought about watching a movie but I would have to open the fucking drawer of the armoir and open the movie, pop it in, figure out the fucking DVD player, all kinds of shit...all while I was trying to be as quiet as a mouse. So I decided not to mess with that and went into the library which was a bit further away from the bedroom. I turned on only one reading lamp and thought that I could sit in the cozy reading chair beside it. I would surely find something interesting. I opened a book on traveling that looked like it would have cool pictures. It did, but it didn't grab me the way I thought it would. I opened another one and it was the same deal. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for traveling books. So I decided to look for some more intelligent reading that would make me sleepy. I searched for where I saw Existentialism by Immanuel Kant. Probably my favorite book to this day. I began refamiliarizing myself with this book and this man's ideas that so shaped my way of thinking. It had such a profound effect on me that it had alot to do with the philosophical changes that I forced myself through in order to get out of gangs, depression, drugs, etc...But that's another story. I was reading for about 30 minutes give or take when I hear someone at the door of the library which was wide open. But I don't see her really. I only hear a low voice.

The voice - "It is not God's will merely that we should be happy, but that we should make ourselves happy"

Me - "You've read Kant."

The voice - "All the interests of my reason, speculative as well as practical, combine in the three following questions: 1. What can I know? 2. What ought I to do? 3. What may I hope?"

Me - "Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end."

The voice - "Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play"

Me - "So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world."

She comes closer so that I could see her was Lisa. Slowly and quietly she kind of kneels down below my feet and lets her feet go off to one side. She's really close now and she lays one arm on my leg and starts rubbing the inside of my thigh. I was worried about Bella in the back of my mind but I was so turned on by Lisa. She says, "Don't you realize by now the I'm a hedonist?"

Me - "What about Bella?"

Lisa - "She's sound asleep. She's not waking up until morning."

Me - "OK"

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Now that I've said that she moves directly in front of me now and pulls the strings on my new pajama pants that Bella bought me and slides them down. My dick is hard as a steel post now pointing straight up at her. She hasn't even really looked at it yet but she has her fist around it gently stroking it. She's looking straight into my eyes the whole time. The lighting was cool cause I couldn't even see much else of the room. Almost nothing...just the corner of the end table where the reading lamp was, my body and the top of hers. I could especially see her glossly lips which she just licked so they were wet. She removed her tshirt so that we could be skin to skin and throws it behind her. She said, "I want to show you that I can do it better than my sister." and she puts it in her mouth and starts going up and down. She's takes it out of her mouth and licks up and down the shaft while her eyes were looking at me. She pauses for a moment while holding my dick and says under her breath, "Tell me exactly how you want it..."

Me - "I want to watch you. I want you to take your time and not make me cum yet."

Lisa - "OK." and she keeps sucking.

Meanwhile I'm fucking dying it feels so good. I could feel her nice tits on my leg and her other hand that isn't gripping my dick is feeling my stomache, chest, thighs and generally feeling my body all over wherever that hand could reach.

Me - "Bella put me all the way in her mouth when she knew I was going to come."

Lisa - "In between putting me in her mouth and licking "You want me to put you all the way in my mouth when you cum?"

Me - "I want you to swallow all of it."

And now I know she was trying to show me that she could do it better than Bella. She begins deep throating me the whole time going up until only the tip is in her mouth and slowly going all the way back down so that I'm all the way inside her mouth and throat. I heard her once or twice barely start to sound like she was gagging but she refused to let it happen and kept on putting me all the way inside her. It was toooo much man. I had barely lasted a few minutes and I started to cum. I already started to when I told her, "I'm cumming." and she put me all the way inside her and held it there. She grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head as if to say that I could do it as hard as I want until I was done. She held her breath until I was done coming. She didn't rush to get me out of her mouth. Her eyes were on mine and she slowly took me out of her mouth.

Lisa - "Like that?"

Me - "Oh my god that felt so good..." I was fucking dying it felt so good. I was about to melt in the chair. I could tell she has done this once or twice.

Lisa - "What do you want me to do next?"

Me - "I want that to be it for now. I want to make sure I can trust you after what we just did."

Lisa - "Are you sure?"

Me - "I want nothing more than to do all kinds of naughty things to you right now. But I want you to prove to me that you can be cool first." This brought a big naughty looking smile to her face.

Lisa knew I meant it but also knew that if she wanted to just go off on eachother sometime soon that she should just do as I say. She said, "OK. I'll prove it to you. You'll see. But don't make me wait too long. I want to show you that I'll do anything." Maaannn....I was about to just turn her around and fucking rip her pants off and ram it in her ass as fast and hard as I could. And something tells me that she woudn't have pulled away or tried to be quiet that she woulda just moaned as loud as she could even it meant waking her sister. But that was only a demented hedonistic thought that I didn't allow myself to endulge. She put on her shirt and was about to start walking away when I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. I made her straddle me and was grinding on her. I still hadn't pulled my pants up so she could totally feel me get hard again and I could feel every inch of her moist pussy through her thin pajamas.

I was grinding her pretty hard and pulled her face really close to mine and said, "Will you really do anything I want?" She replies while gasping, "Anything". The last thing I said was, "OK. Soon. Be good and we'll find the time to be alone." She said, "OK". and we french kissed for a long time almost triggering me to basically rape her again but I stopped myself one more time and motioned for her to go back to bed which she did. Before she left the room she stopped and said, "From the very first day I met you I knew we would." and I heard her go back to the room. I pull my pants up and was in fucking heaven. I did not get caught and had the best fucking blowjob ever in the history of fucking blowjobs. Atleast as far as I was concerned. I'd never even heard of a girl that just wanted to totally give herself to a guy in that way. Even a whore is usually holding back even if just slightly. She definitely did not hold back. I was blown away (quite literally). I was exhausted but did not want to go back to the bedroom. It would be too fucking much. I planned on telling Lisa that us three could never sleep in the same bed again the next day. But I decided that I would read myself to sleep exactly where I was. I was super fucking comfortable by that point anyway. I pulled up the foot rest, rested my feet on it, and began to read but don't even remember dozing off...I crashed out.

To be continued...

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So I'm crashed out for what seems like forever and I wake to a sound of a car turning on and revving the engine. The sound fades away and I'm slowly wiping the sleep from my eyes. I noticed that I was drooling on myself like an idiot and I had a blanket over me. One of the girls must have put it on me and not wanted to wake me. First thought in my head was I hope they didn't see me drooling on myself like a retard. I'm sure that wasn't a pretty picture.

Anyway my back is aching from sleeping on the chair somewhat upright. I get up to stretch and yawn and shit and start walking to the kitchen. Bella's there and she's smiling. She's immediately apologizing for being too sleepy the night before. I was laughing and said, "Well Lisa was there anyway...did you forget?"

Bella - "That's true...but when you're with me I forget about anyone else." Being intentionally corny

Me - "You know if Lisa hears you she'll make fun of us again."

Bella - Laughs "Yeah but she's gone. She had to go to work."

Me - "Oh ok.

Bella - "Figure out the TV last night?" Obviously referring to my mishap with the volume.

Me - "Yeah. I forgot the volume was on high before it wa turned off."

Bella - "I figured."

Me - "I hope I didn't keep you awake."

Bella - "Me? You could have dumped a bucket of water on me and I would have still fallen asleep. But it woke Lisa up. That's why she eventually went outside with you."

Me - That lying bitch Lisa told me that Bella was already asleep and she wasn't yet. She could have just as easily gotten up to see what Lisa and I were up to. "Yeah I got bored with the TV I went into the library. Apparently Lisa has read Immanuel Kant."

Bella - "Yeah. It's required reading in high school." I was like, which high school did you go to? In my high school our required reading was like Dr. Seuss. "So you've read Immanuel Kant too I suppose?"

Me - "Yeah. I read it outside of class when I was reading about different religions, philosophies searching for myself."

Bella - "So have you found yourself?"

Me - "Now I have." And I give her a kiss on the lips..carefully trying to avoid opening my mouth so she doesn't get a hint of the morning stank bref.

Bella - "Now who's being corny?" and we both start laughing.

Me - "So what are we going to do today?"

Bella didn't have any ideas..and neither did I naturally. I don't know the place. We decided finally that we'd go out dancing that night. But until then we would just play it by ear. She asked if I would like her to make breakfast and I said, "Sure. Do you mind if I shower?" and of course she said, "No. Course not."

And I go into the bathroom to do my business (#1 & 2) and brush my teefs and jump in the shower. I left the fan off so that the shower would steam up. I like that feeling sometimes for some reason. A couple of minutes in Bella comes in the bathroom and drops her clothes on the floor and starts to come in the shower with me. I ask her to shut the door so the steam would stay in the bath room. She does and then finally goes in the shower. She's instantly giving me a massage. I say, "What about our breakfast? Isn't it gonna burn?" Bella, "I haven't started it yet. It can wait." I think she wants to make up for last night.

This time I had a sense of guilt. I didn't feel as carefree as when we previously been together. I knew fucking around with Lisa would do this to me. But I did it anyway. Guys tend to do this...they always fuck themselves up to a certain degree even if they don't admit it to anyone. I decided that the best way to rid myself of some of the guilt was to focus on her feeling good. So she's trying to be all frisky and naughty with me, but, I tactfully stopped her and just started kissing her passionately. In a more romantic way than ever before..sorry OG it was not in the pornographic way that all of you would hope. I washed her all over her body and washed her hair and massaged her body as I washed her. I gave her a kissing massage all over her body and was just focusing on her. She wanted to make me feel good to but I would stop her. I said, "I want today to just be about you.." and she reluctantly agreed by gently nodding her head.

We get out of the shower and I dry her off gently. I'm treating her like we're in some kinky spa where the workers who are pampering you can touch you wherever they want. She's keeps saying how sweet I am and is just thoroughly enjoying herself. And I was enjoying myself. We lay down on her bed and continued my kissing massage all over her body. She's laying on her tummy with her face turned to the side. I'm massaging her lower back and kissing her thighs and ass. She spreads her legs for me a bit and I can barely reach kissing her pussy. So I give up on that for a bit and start working my kisses higher up her back. I reach my left hand underneath her body and grip her tit on that side, squeezing it just enough to get her to gasp and moan. Now my kisses have reached her upper back and my dick is about 2 inches from her pussy. I move up and guide my dick inside her pussy as I start kissing her ear and gently breathing into it. She's moaning now in such a hot way and gasping for air. I'm going in and out ever so slowly and it feels so fucking good from this position. But I wanted to be lined up a bit better. So while I'm still inside her I grab the pillow next to her and lift her tummy and slide the pillow underneath her lower tummy so that her ass is now sticking up slightly in the air. Perfect fucking position. She's digging it and wants me to go harder. So I do...I last about 5 minutes before cumming. She feels me cumming and reaches behind with both hands and pulls me into her and doesn't let me go until I'm done.

To be continued...
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