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Nissan Altima top-rated mid-size sedan:domo:

Published on: 02/02/08 In Consumer Reports' recent evaluation of family mid-size sedans, the Nissan Altima narrowly beat out the Honda Accord, becoming CR's top-rated mid-size sedan in four-cylinder and V6 varieties.
The Honda Accord has been a standout among family sedans and easily outperformed the others in this segment that CR recently looked at.
The redesigned 2008 Nissan Altima is highest rated mid-size sedan, according to Consumer Reports.
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In testing the Accord in EX-L V6 and four-cylinder LX-P trims, CR found it to be longer, wider and more powerful than the old model and determined that it remains an excellent well-rounded sedan. But it's not as quick and doesn't get the fuel economy of the old model or the Altima in either configuration.
CR also rated the new Ford Taurus and Dodge Avenger and the freshened Kia Amanti and Subaru Legacy. Prices range from $22,795 for the Accord LX to $30,130 for the Amanti.
Three of the sedans in this test are available with all-wheel drive, which aids in wet-weather and winter traction. AWD is a growing trend among sedans. It is optional on the Taurus, its Mercury Sable twin, and the Avenger, and is standard on the Legacy. All-wheel drive is also available on the Chrysler Sebring, Ford Fusion, and Mercury Milan in this class.
CR's findings include the following:
Honda Accord: While the Honda Accord remains an excellent mid-size sedan overall, gas mileage is not as good as that of the previous model or the redesigned Nissan Altima. The redesigned-for-2008 Accord is larger than the outgoing model. It has a generous back seat and the four- and six-cylinder versions are more powerful than before. Stability control is standard in all trim levels, and crash-test results are impressive. CR tested both a four-cylinder LX-P model and a six-cylinder EX-L. Reliability for the previous versions has been above average.
Ford Taurus: The former Five Hundred has been freshened with a more powerful engine, making the Taurus quicker and more responsive. But fuel economy takes a hit. Stability control is optional. The Taurus offers a comfortable ride, ample interior room, easy access and a huge trunk. It remains a solid, if unexciting, contender in this segment, with impressive crash-test results. Reliability of the Five Hundred has been average.
Kia Amanti: The Amanti offers a well-appointed, spacious cabin and a quiet, comfortable ride. It was freshened for 2007 with a new engine that is powerful, smooth and refined. It also has a revised suspension to improve ride and handling. The ride is less soft and buoyant, but is very isolated and relaxed. Handling remains somewhat clumsy but is more secure than the previous model. Fuel economy is not a strong suit.
Subaru Legacy: With impressive agility, decent fuel economy, standard all-wheel drive and an affordable price, the base version of the Subaru Legacy has a lot going for it. But the interior is snug, which limits its appeal as a family car. It loses major points for handling that gets tricky in emergency maneuvers. Electronic stability control helps, but is only an option on higher-end versions and was not available on CR's base test car. Reliability has been above average.
Dodge Avenger: Like its near twin, the Chrysler Sebring, the Avenger ranks at the bottom of its class. The car feels cheap and underdeveloped. It has a stiff ride, suspension noise, lack of agility, tight quarters, uncomfortable seats and substandard interior fit and finish.
Of the six vehicles tested, four are recommended. Because of a sterling reliability history for past Accords and for Honda overall, CR predicts better-than-average reliability for the redesign and therefore recommends it, along with the Legacy, which also has above-average reliability.
CR predicts average reliability for the Taurus based on the record of the Ford Five Hundred, which is virtually the same car. The Amanti's reliability has been worse than average, so it is not recommended. Reliability for the Avenger is unknown, and it scored too low in tests to be recommended.
Write to: Consumer Reports, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016; on the Web at

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duh. lol jkjk.... the vq motor alone was rated #1 motor for years... lol
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