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Hi Guys,

I have an ES1 (auto chassis) civic that I've k24 swapped.

I have the engine mostly together except PS lines, AC lines, coolant hoses

Batt + wiring + ecu all in

I have bypassed Neutral/park safety switch from auto harness.
Before I did this ignition wouldnt crank car

Now I do it, ignition cranks car but no spark still

Any ideas what it might be?

Could it be a ground cable or would it not crank if it was that?
I havent tested it in a while as I needed to take PS pump & belt off to swap for correct one

Now Ive got it all back I can put it back together & test start it again

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The Engine block itself must be well grounded to the chassis(or back to battery negative) for the coil packs and plugs to work, but yeah, if your starter is working you should be in good shape there.

Crank sensor is a good place to check for sure. The ecu won't set up a firing pattern unless it gets good indexing pulses from the crank. Also check for any codes, if for no other reason than to be sure your ecu is powered and working in your build.
es1 k24 Send us some pics! 🤠
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