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Hey guys,

So for those of you that read the loooooooong threads I post, you all know that I was looking to buy a new car. First I wanted an evo (couldnt afford), then a wrx265(could afford but would be in debt), then a mazdaspeed3(loved it hard to find and expensive), then a truck(ga$$$$ $ucker), then a little suv(too grown up for me). I looked at just about every car there is, test drove a bunch, went on forums, talked to guys, talked to dealers, searched wholesale vehicle databases, lied, cheated, did just about everything and when it came down to it this is what I bought...

For those of you that don't read my threads or don't have me on facebook we'll make it into a guessing game (aka reasons why I fell in love with the car):

2.0L direct injected turbocharged and intercooled

brembo brakes

300hp/350tq tuned

2 doors


factory launch control and no-lift shift


0-60 in a hell of a lot less than 5.6seconds

8:22.85 nurburgring time

I bought a Cobalt SS/TC.

I know what you're all thinking, gm sucks. I agree but this car blew my mind. I can tell you that there is not one car that dollar for dollar is more fun than this. Obviously the 300hp is not stock so i'll talk about how i bought the car.

Car was purchased last week. Tuned on hptuners by a local guy who is very reputable. Currently building a 2jz solstice with over 600whp. The car is on a custom tune which puts out more power than the gm stage 1 kit but does not use as much boost. I have the gm stage 1 map sensors to upgrade it and my best friend has hptuners so we may try and squeeze a bit more out using a custom stage 1 map since there's a bunch on the tuner forums but for now im very happy with it.

The dyno was done before ANY bolt-on mods and apparently the ECU is pretty damn smart and can adapt to mods once you turn off the "learn down" which has been done.


Custom tune

injen upper charge pipe

k&n intake

Bad-mab 3" catless downpipe

HID fog lights and headlights

dejon bpv spring(makes it louder than my tial in the civic)

nitto 555 tires

Future mods: Maybe stage 1 other than that NOTHING

Pics coming when i'm home from work. Can't upload at work.

One last note. ITS FAST

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lol base model rsx. I had one of those for a summer. My d17 with bolt ons was quicker. The rsx is a very comfortable car and has a very luxurious interior. So if thats what he was looking for, I completely understand.

I need to get pics of the car. Its been rainy here so I haven't had a chance to wash it. I have to say that I wish it had an armrest/center console soooo badly. But I can live with it. I have played with launch control and no-lift-shift and its pretty sweet. The car is a beast.

Other update. Expect pics/vids. I'm going up to my former roommate's house for the weekend. I was hoping to have the civic done by now and showing off what it can do but the cobalt will still show them something. One friend has a 05 ss/sc with stage 2+ ish. its a much smaller pulley, cooling mods, race header, and other bolt ons. We figure it should be somewhere in the 250whp range. The friend going up has an 09 wrx (265hp engine) with cobb stage 1 91(cuz 93/94 is not really easy to come by in ontario) but the rest of the car is a virgin. It'll be interesting to see who's car is fastest. It'll be interesting to see if the TC can take a stage 1 wrx.
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