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I recently did a coolant system clean & flush. I used a Prestone cooling system chemical flush. I then ran engine for a 100 miles, drained & refilled with Honda genuine coolant. I repeated this process twice. Third coolant drain came out bright blue, clean & free of Prestone cleaner. I did this as not to introduce water in engine block during current freezing temps.
I then flushed out heater core which flowes beautifully, replaced thermostat, replaced upper & lower radiator hoses & radiator cap with all OEM parts. I refilled with Honda coolant for third and final time.
I used a coolant system funnel to bleed out the air bubbles but I feel I'm not getting all out due to heat getting cooler when fan is on full blast. 150° on low but only around 110° on high.
No signs of head gasket leak. I can't find any good info here or tutorial videos on this how to.
Thanks in advance for any insight.
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