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front tires scrap bad

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Hey guys I am dropped on megan coilovers with no finger gaps in the front, and 1 finger gap in the rear set pretty stiff... i also have 215/45/17 tires. I've been dropped on these megans for almost a year and I've been pretty satisfied with them. For some reason though, everytime i take a really hard right hand turn in the canyons, or hit a dip in the canyons pretty fast, the front driver scrapes SOOOO BAD that it even hurts just to listen to it. It sounds like a really high pitch screetch. It also scrapes pretty bad on a hard left hand turn but thats only if there is a little bump in the road.. I've had this set up for almost a year with the same tires and all, and suddenly its been scraping like this. Could you guys help me solve this? I was thinking maybe an alignment to set the camber a little more negative in the front. Here are some crappy cell phone pics so you know what (the tire could be) scraping upon.

passenger front (doesnt scrape as bad, moar negative camber than driver tire though)

driver front (scrapes bad)

Thanks for your time.
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tire isnt hitting the car....maybe ur fender liner is loose!
just stick ur hand inside the struts and pretend its a virgin cause its gonna be tight getting in there.....if u got dark liquid on ur hands.....u bust a nut.....i mean strut
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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