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Sudz In the City

Saturday May 23, 2009

Sudz In the City is Central California's premier microbrewery and music festival. Held every May at Chukchansi Park.

This event draws thousands of people to Downtown Fresno to sample the creations of top brewmasters from across California, plus listen to great live music, enjoy food from great vendors and much more.

2009 will mark the 15th year of Sudz in the City, and this year's event takes place on Saturday May 23rd at Chukchansi Park. Check back soon for event information for this year's Sudz in the City.

In 2008, over 4000 party-goers enjoyed specialty beers from 18 different independent microbreweries with an additional 30 fan favorites on tap.

Food vendors provided a grand selection of party-fare; including tri-tip sandwiches, tacos and hot dogs.

Then there was the music. The local favorites including headliner band Straight Up Sinners were tremendous. There were also some out of town surprises, Diesel Finger was one of this years crowd pleasers. All capped off by fireworks, FIREWORKS, like the park with the mouse!

Sudz in the City
May 23, 2009

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great event but not a safe place to have our 7thgens park and be let alone. :shady:
My office was on Kern/Vanness (right across from the stadium) and even in broad day light cars get stolen, good thing I had secure private parking at the bank building ;)
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