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Which muffler to run?

  • Moroso Spiral Flow

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Dynomax Welded UltraFlo

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • El Cheapo Glasspacks

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Something else under $50

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OK folks, I want to finish out my 3" exhaust setup for the old boosted D17. and I need a little advice of which muffler to go with. Here's my current setup that isn't going to change:

- 3" downpipe mating up to a 3" (in/out) Magnaflow cat
- open dumptube

That plugs into a 2-1/4" NA catback system (Nopi N1 stealth) which ends in a 4"-tipped fart cannon. This actually doesn't sound that bad, but I know it's killing my spool and is too restrictive.

Now I originally thought about not running a muffler at a all and just shooting 3" tubing straight out the ass of the Civic with a downturned 3" tip - basically just a cut U-bend. I don't care about looks because the whole exhaust will be painted flat black.

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on a muffler. $50-60 bucks maximum. I want something that doesn't restrict flow, but still quiets things down a little bit on idle and vacuum driving. She can be as loud as she wants under boost, in fact it's supposed to be loud when the snail is spooling.

I was thinking about just running the Moroso Spiral Race "Muffler", which is Here and claims to drop 5 dBs from an open exhaust, looks like this, has this advertised blurb, and goes for $50 from Uncle Summit. It also does not have any packing material to slow things down:

Using advanced gas dynamics and sophisticated noise cancellation acoustics, Moroso engineers have developed a new series of Racing Mufflers. Specially engineered spiral baffles divide the exhaust flow into two separate paths, significantly reducing noise levels with minimal backpressure. The all-steel construction makes them durable – our efficient manufacturing process makes them affordable!

Another option is the DynoMax Ultra Flo Welded Race Muffler (Click Me). This is one is about $45 from Uncle Summit, is a fiberglass packed muffler, flows 1100 CFM, and looks like this and has this blurb:

100% Welded construction for maximum durability.
100% Aluminized materials for long life.
Ultra Flo Technology features straight-through design for maximum flow and power.
CRF (Continuous Roving Fiberglass) technology delivers an aggressive, powerful, deep performance sound.

Or I can run a couple glass packs.

Or ____________________ (your suggestions).

Let me know. My price point is as stated. Exhaust noise is already brought down by the turbo and kitty cat. I just want something to keep things a little quiet at idle and vacuum driving. I'll be welding this system myself, so no catback or axleback suggestions. Thanks!
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