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If you're an owner of a newer vehicle, you've probably noticed that it has more complicated systems than older cars. However, all of them are controlled by electronic black boxes. The functionality of each of these systems is critical for any car.

Before they end up failing on you, you can use a car scan tool to find out if the vehicle is safe to drive or not, and therefore save on the expensive repairs. Some of the scan tools are slim, hand-held models and others are bulkier. Some can perform a wide range of tasks, while others can perform only a few limited functions. We’ll break down everything you need to know to find the perfect scan tool for your vehicle in our new FAQ.

What home mechanics love about these scan tools, though, is ready access to all kinds of info. In general, a scan tool can perform the following functions:

  • Read DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)
  • Read live data and freeze frame data
  • Erase DTCs
  • Ensure a vehicle is ready for a State emissions test

and many more!

Find out more about these devices in our new article!
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