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ES1 K24a3 Swap - Starter not turning Engine

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Hi Guys,

I'm close to completing my ES1 Sedan 05' Auto Civic to K24a3 6SP M/T.

Im having some issues with either the ECU or Starter or both

Starter isnt engaging with flywheel. (ordered a new one)
Bench tested & starter does spin when jumped but issue still remains below:

Car is auto chassis & key is held hostage in ignition barrel when trying to take out
Ignition barrel also never has been able to turn starter motor on.

Old Engine: D17z1
New Engine: K24a3 (from accord Euro)
Old Harness D17z1
New Harness Base RSX
All ground cables in

ECU: PPA Q04 CRV 04' KPro from RevZone Aus

Error code in ECU logs also:
P1607 for ECU internal circuit malfunction check
(When I go to load up a map file in Kmanager - I dont see PPA so only other option is to go 'other engines' and select the stock TSX map)

Immobilizer is also disabled & Kmanager can talk to ECU/upload/save maps & changes

A little stumped and dont know whats causing the ECU to not turn the starter motor...

Any ideas?
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I went auto to manual. I got to a part in the info i was using that said to clip a wire and loop something to enable the key to come out and the car to turn on, but it didn't work for me. What i did: i guess it's not a real fix, but it's what i did to get the car started and the key to come out, I don't remember off the top of my head but one of the plugs that goes to the ignition (under the steering column plastic pieces) needs to be unplugged and left unplugged. Car runs fine no issues. I can double check tomorrow and report which one it is.
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Please do man,
If you want to msg me on insta you can too


Im having a few mates around tonight (in 8h or so) for beers and bbq to try get this fixed.

Its basically ready to go except the goddamn ignition doesnt turn the engine.. so would be mad help if you could tell me what to do 🙏🏿

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I'll post here in case it helps anyone else.

I couldn't get you a picture or verify which plug it is exactly, as I am not home any more(traveling for work, can update later but it'll be a few weeks) but basically remove the steering column covers to get to your ignition, and unplug one of the two green plugs you see here, should be able to remove your key after that. If it's not one, plug it back it and pull the other one.

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I missed the part about the p1607, I did not have that issue so I'm not sure the key trick will help with that, but on the Hondata forum i saw two posts about the PPA ECU not being compatible with kpro or something?
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Alright guys, ignition now cranks engine but still no spark

Got rid of ECU calibration error also so ECU is happy now too

Gotta check grounds, Cam angle sensor & some other wiring.

Ended up wiring pin 7 & 10 on plug d in the under the dash fuse box to fix the ignition issue
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