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If you love to put the pedal to the metal while listening to some of your favorite tunes, then having the best car audio speakers is essential. High-quality DS18 speakers will no doubt blow you away! These high-performance "do all" woofers can play an amazing range of frequencies, from hard-punching midbass to mid-high vocals at an unbelievable volume.

You are sure to get a full range of heart-stopping music for your constant enjoyment. These speakers can be installed virtually anywhere and produce amazing sound inside your Honda Civic.

For all the audiophiles out there, DS18 has the right audio solution!

DS18® - Pancadao 12" 1500W RMS Mid-Bass Loudspeaker

DS18® - High Density ABS Custom Slim Enclosure

DS18® - SELECT Series Full Range Class AB Mono 1500W 2 Ohm Amplifier

DS18® - PRO-X 6X9 700W Mid-Range Loudspeaker with Bullet and Grill

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