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I recently won brake pads from @EBC Brakes and I chose Red Stuff. When I inspected the calipers when I installed the new brakes, I quickly decided new ones were needed due to broken boots and a possible leak on one of them so I went shopping and being mostly out of work right now, I ordered some inexpensive rebuilt and coated Autoshack calipers to replace them. I noticed virtually all the calipers were the factory design so it didn't make sense to pay more. While I was at it I renewed the rear drum cylinders (7$ Dorman) and installed some "ceramic" shoes* in hopes of avoiding the stinky near fires I've had with wagners. I hate drum brakes and the job took twice as long as it should have due to the design, a real bonehead decision by Honda. I've wanted to refit them with discs for years but have never been able to find adapters to fit the 7th gen's mac strut suspension.
I also flushed the brown gunk that was no longer surviving a full run down from Tuggle's gap without boiling out and fading badly. (I.e nope nope nope ..cancel ..we go slooow on the engine brake now).

The new setup is smooth like butter.

My kid thinks they need to be red. :p

The rotors are also EBC and super nice. The ungroved section makes them virtually silent in use and I can test the ABS on a damp road without much effort. It also passed the squirrel test. He didn't seem thankful though. The three deer were also not impressed so I gave them the horn. When I got back from a run up VA40 to Endicott last night I didn't smell any burning brake shoes and they never faded. Woot!

*(EBC didn't appear to have drum brake stuff when I checked the website - sorry I forgot to ask about it.)
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