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Driver side floor soaked when it rains....

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Hi Everyone,

Before anything else, I'd like to say, I've done some searching and found no definite answer to my problem. So here it is

My car (2005 LX-G in Canada), when it rains, or snows, moving or parked, the driver side floor gets soaked. Only in the driver side tho. I've looked for possible holes that water could be coming from, heres what i've found

1 - Sunroof tubes was a possibility, but was not the problem as I've taped around the sunroof and floor still soaks.

2 - There was a small hole in firewall where fog lights/remote starter wires goes into the car, sealed it, floor still soaks

3- Duct taped all around the windshield - floor soaks

Would anyone have any idea? I really am getting frustrated with the car to the point where I wanna trade it in, but i love my car and cant do any more monthly payments right now.

Also, I dont know if its related, but I notice when I turn my fan on, when I have it on blowing on the feet area, I feel that the vent is blocked? is that possibly related to the water leaking in?

Also, the water only gets in to the car when the car is raised to normal height for the winter but when it rains in the summer and the car is lowered, the carpets stay dry...

PLEASE, any help would be appreciated..
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My 2003 Civic did the same thing if there was a heavy rain or after going through a car wash. I found some water leaking out of the air outlet that points towards your feet on the driver side. Not sure if this was ultimate fix but i replaced the foam seals on the RH lower windshield plastic cover that is directly above the outside air intake and where cabin filter is. Air or rain water should only come in on from the vents on the driver side. The plastic panel was bowed slightly from age and rubber was also smashed not making a good seal. I ended up using a thicker foam strip with adhesive backing from auto parts store, a replacement from Honda is probably way more expensive but would fit better. So far no more leaks.
Wow Doug, did you see the date of that post...2014!
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Just to make sure we necro this old thread properly(any action is good action :p)

I would add that if you have a sunroof there is a gutter drain tube behind the side panels under the dash that has a little rubber 90degree elbow that gets popped loose sometimes. Wet stinky carpet results.
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