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OK so this DIY will explain how to put EP3 seats in your car without swapping the rails from the EM2 seats as i did not have this option since i swapped my OEM seats for these.

Tools Needed:
14MM Socket
Extender (the rail that lets you move the seat back and forth gets in the way of the socket)
14MM wrench (i needed this cause my shallow was stripped and the deep was to tall)

Step One:
As you can see the hole does not line up

so you need to remove the 3 bolts holding in the seats.

you can see the ones in the back from the first pic. all i had on me was my phone so i couldnt get the front ones since i got no flash.

Step 2:
Pull your seats out. They are heavier than they look lol.

Now you need to make the hole bigger. The driver side you need to drill down and to the right and the passenger side down and to the left. I just put the drill bit in the hole and applied some pressure and it went smoothly.

Step 3:
Put your seats back in. Again they are heavier than they look and the head rest likes to hit the roof. I dropped one and scratched my side skirt. pissed me off. lol.

Once they are in your hole should look like this.

Step 4:
Bolt it up. First time i bolted up the front first and the back wouldnt fit right, so then i bolted up the back left first the one that goes straight into the floor, then the one i drilled out. now move to the front BUT HOLD THE SEAT! since it will lean back and could bend the metal. Now when you in the front push down on the seat and the two front ones will pop into place. i had a little issue with the rail being bent, so i had to hammer it straight. I also found if you have someone sit on the seat you it falls right into place also.

final product:


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nah, when srs light is on, all of them are off, i asked already:)
mine did not come with oem side airbags, so i assume for me if i do the swap i will not have them working regardless.
i lit my srs light when i was installing dynamat and took the seats off, had to do to the dealer to shut it down. regular computer could not do it.

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ep3 seats with airbag? wow

not often to see, but damn with the airbag connector

it could be easy, but nooooooo typical for the em2

but if you get a real solution (not only put out the lamp), pleeeeaaaaaase post it :)
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