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Decided to get back in the Honda game

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2012 Honda Shadow VT750C2 only 2200 miles on it, still under Honda Powersports Extended warranty.

Not too many plans for this one, got this to compensate for the awesome gas mileage I get in my 2500.

Looking to get a set of Cobra Pipes and Cobra Floorboards.

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Lol I still have to finish the dump truck motor for the mustang lol. I've been having a blast riding so far. Only took me $10 to fill up yesterday haha.
Loving this thing, it's been taking me $10 to fill up when I need to. Getting about 180 miles to the tank, not bad for only a 3 gal tank.

Cut the baffles out to get a little more sound out of it, saving up to get a set of pipes.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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