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Cooling issue

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Hello please let me know if this has been covered and if so a link would be great. I have a 2001 Civic Lx I just changed the water pump, timing belt, tensor, and oil pan gasket. I put in a new thermostat, cooling fan switch, and ECT sensor, all Honda parts from Honda The first issue is the fans aren’t coming on if I jump the cooling fan switch the fans work great, plugged in to switch nothing, (I checked for continuity and it is good from relay to fans, and from ground locations 201, and 301). The second issue burped the system twice, and when I run the car for an hour the upper radiator hose is hot but the bottom is cool, and the radiator is not warm or hot. However, there is hot air coming out in any selection in the cabin, and the temp indicator is below halfway. The coolant is hot, and I replaced the radiator cap, also the coolant is blue with no oil in it, and when I checked the oil, it is not milky or white. And there is no indication of a blown head gasket. Could this be a partially clogged radiator, not getting enough flow to trip the switch? -TIA
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