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Should the stock hubs be replaced with five stud hubs, inorder to install better and larger brakes?

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HI. I am a babyboomer newbie who recently bought a 2005 non-Vtec EM2 exclusively for rallying!

The previous owner is a welder by trade. And he took a street commuter and modified it for rallying. So far it has a custom skid plate, a cold air intake, tow hooks, and a replaced recycled engine. Also there is a AC delete (by using the stock non-AC belt). Much of the interior is removed for weight reduction.

When he replaced the engine - I am told - he installed a new timing chain, water pump, and clutch. This encouraged me to buy it.

I consider it a 'work in progress.'

While I do not intend to install Vtec, I am interested in members' ideas about various means to 'improve ' this Civic for rally racing. (I do not intend to add a cage to go "real' rallying - which I did decades ago.)

My immediate plans are to upgrade or replace the suspension items. Not to lower it, but to 'stiffen' it; add front and rear strut tower bars; possibly remove or disable the front lower sway bar - to make each strut totally independent.

Suggestions are welcome. I will start different threads on these plans.

Of course, the most obvious upgrade is to improve the device which is located between the steering wheel and the front driver's seat!

PS You can google 'Honda reverb' any time you wish.
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