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BigRed's EX Coupe Build Up (Tein EDFC in Possession)

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Hey guys, I've lurked on these Civic boards for years. Within the past few months, I've gotten further into the modding.
Thus far, I have, for lack of a better description, a barely modded Rallye Red 2004 EX Coupe, 5 spd.
My list of changes thus far...

Thus far:

-Added OEM rear spoiler, which is beginning to fade, looking for a change soon. Ideas?
-OEM Polished Exhaust Tip
-Rear Window Visor
-WeatherTech Visors
-Curb-scraped front bumper!!!

Total Cost- (Spoiler and Tip were gifts) $105

-Corsport Red Wheel Vinyl
-OEM Silver Dash Accents
-Custom Black Leather/Perforated Black/Red Stitching Shift Boot & Armrest Cover, from RedLineGoods
-Custom Black Leater/Red Stitching Parking Brake Cover
-3m Dinoc'ed Center Console, soon to be Neffy Wrapped
-TWM Type R Satin Finish Knob
-StrutKing Pedal Covers
-Daddy Car Accessories Black Suede Pillar Wraps
-WeatherTech All-Season Floor Mats

-Kicker DS6930s and DS650s
-DIY Audio Jack into Stock H/U

Total- $180

Performance (Ahemmm):
-Strut King Shifter Cable & Base Bushings
-TWM Short Shift Adapter
-eBay Front Strut Tower Brace (Please no grief, it was free)
-Bomer's Big Brake Kit
-Regular Maintenance :D

Future Mods: In possession, waiting on install

-Tein SS Coilovers
-Tein Electronic Damping Force Controller
-SPC Front & Rear Camber Kit
-Progress Rear Sway Bar

-16" Konig Twilites
-Yokohama 205/50R16s

-Blacked Out Headlights
-eBay OEM-style fogs
-PDM-Style Front lip, molded
-eBay RSX type-s style rear lip spoiler

Down the Pipe

-Omni Power Rear Lower Control Arms
-Tint (Leaning towards 35%)
-Front Windshield Tinted Banner
-Custom Trunk, similar to DIY on this site
-Pioneer Double Din of some kind
-Kicker DX500 Amp
-Kicker CompVT 10"
-Frankenstein K-swap

Nothing compared to most of you, but I'm trying. I've owned her for 4 1/2 years now. She had 38,000 miles when I got her, and now has just a hair under 89,0000. I need new tires and brakes, but otherwise, all is in good order (Aside from that GOD DAMN squeeky rear drum). I get 36mpg, without even trying, and get compliments from friends and the ladies for being clean, "stick shifty" (Yes, I've gotten that before) and not a Cobalt/Escort/Corolla/etc.

I hope to keep everyone posted with my future trials and tribulations here. Pictures soon, Thanks!
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ep3 rear disk brakes would take care of the squeeky drum.
but sounds like you got a good grasp on things.

in for pics and progress
Boy u hav some plans!!

Post some pics!
Pics or die. Sounds like you have some awesome plans! :tup:
In the past couple days, I have ordered:
Tein SS Coilovers
SPC Camber Kits
Progress Rear Anti-Sway Bar
16" Konig Twilites
205/50R16 Yokohama S.drives
12mm Spacers
ARP Extended Studs
Black Anodized Gorilla Lugs

Should be a busy couple of weekends!
Next up is Bomer's BBK :dance:
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60series tire?? thats a really beefy tire... bigger than OEM size

did you mean 205/50?
ep3 rear disk brakes would take care of the squeeky drum.
but sounds like you got a good grasp on things.

in for pics and progress
Way ahead of you. That may be my big opening of the summer project for next year. Have you got them?

60series tire?? thats a really beefy tire... bigger than OEM size

did you mean 205/50?
Correct. Ya see, those two numbers are a little too close on the keyboard for my liking sometimes. Thanks ha
Way ahead of you. That may be my big opening of the summer project for next year. Have you got them?

good stuff. yes i have the ep3 rear disk. i love that mod. i hate the way the drums look. i didnt notice much of a diff with them on. but they look great. also acura EL rear disk would work if you can find them. the only part of the swap that gave me trouble was the e-brake cable. but eventually i got it in.
Added some pricing into my initial post, so that those interested in what I have done, will know what to expect to pay. All of these prices were for new, do a little digging, and you may be able to save a bit.
Came in today :dance:
Konig Twilite on Yokohama 205/50r16

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Not feeling the rims but the tires are a great choice :tup:
BigRed's EX Coupe Build Up (Edited with prices)

I like the twilites, I was considering them. When are you putting them on?
I really like them, the detail is pretty great for a $119 wheel. My tire/wheel combo is also actually pretty light. appx 38lbs each, which is pretty stellar for 16s with 205/50 meats.

And they'll be on next weekend, I have HUGE plans for Friday through Saturday night.
Gonna throw on my Tein coilovers, Bomer's brakes, Progress rear, extended lugs, spacers and get the camber set right. I'm going to be rolling my fenders this weekend, hopefully.
Hang around another week for pics.
Ughhh, anybody have an advil? Info in the morning... :hs:
Alright ladies and gentlemen.
Two weekends ago, Big Red went under for some surgery. There were some complications.

The Good:
We, my two mechanic cousins and I, were able to get Bomer's BBK on front. One rotor was a tight fit, but open ended lugs seated it perfectly.
The rear extended studs were also no problem. Little more than taking the drum off, releasing a spring, and moving back a shoe. This was fortunate, because the asshats at the stealership cross-threaded one on the driver side rear.
The spacers I ordered, coupled with the hub-centric rings that came with my wheels, fit nicely, on the rear at least.
One front lower ball joint boot was torn, and leaking grease, so we were able to replace both of them. (The other tore when dropping the suspension assembly.

The Bad:
The press we were using to separate the front hubs did not have a good jig to hold the knuckle level. Thus, we couldn't separate to replace the front studs.
My dumb ass ordered short, closed end lugs, not thinking about my extended studs. Because of this, we couldn't mount the Konig Twilites. I have Moteki 45s on the way, should be here Friday.

The Ugly:
The right rear trailing arm bolt is frozen. No budging, whatsoever. That is with a battery and air impact. We could've heated it, but didn't have a replacement bolt.
THUS, the coilovers didn't go on. Unfortunately, I was at Pep Boys buying the lower ball joints, when they opened the box and test fitted the driver side rear. I got back to see it fitted, and hand-nutted down.
To my chagrin, they were Tein Basics, not the Super Streets, even though I had voiced this concern with the vendor immediately after receiving order confirmation. There is a small chip where they used a hammer to tap the bottom of the shock into place, so I REALLY hope this doesn't keep me from returning and getting what I ordered. (We are currently in the process of trying to resolve the issue, Tein is going to review the picture)
If nothing can be resolved, rest assured that some lucky member will be able to buy a never used set for $1k...

In conclusion, my car is still on stock suspension. I have Bomer's BBK up front, which I love, great stopping power, and no noticeable extra dust with the removed dust shields. Have new lower ball joints, one less thing to worry about, and I have extended studs, with open ended short lugs on the rear. Oh, all on the stock fat fives. Looks kinda goofy, but we did what we could.
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Just got my Muteki open lugs in. They look quite nice.

Now, once I have my post count up, I'll have a set of black Gorilla lugs and possibly a set of Tein Basics for sale. Yippyyy
Back from the dead

I left the car alone after my hiccups last fall, wrapped the fat fives in Yokohoma all seasons.
In the past couple weeks, I have bought some BOH's, fogs, and a PDM replica lip.
I also have a type-s rear lip spoiler, waiting on touch up paint for the plugs to fill my oem spoiler holes.

BIGGER news, I just bought JamesAndrew's Tein EDFC, and will be purchasing Tein Super Sports from anybody other than THM at the end of the week.
Now I simply need to have my front hubs separated, extended lugs in, and new bearings pressed, and I'll be all set for my wheels. Coilovers, hopefully sooner than later.
I'll promise to start taking pics.
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