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7thgen riders! lets see your bikes!!

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my k7 gsxr600

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yea the new gsxrs are sex!

im 5'7 and can plant one foot... not too bad. the response and handling are amazing especially for a first bike. you really need some dicipline to not grab the throttle. lol
panda, i agree, the new 08 250's are more agressive. actually they are very hard to come by in chicago, the dealer has a waiting list til the end of august..

after i finish my school and get my own place, id like to pick up a nice 70's honda cb400 (cafe racr style bike) and an 07 honda repsol 1000rr
no need to spend 150 for a undertail kit... it looks fine the way it is... id rather enjoy my bike the way it is.. thats why i have the car to mod
panda good choice.. and smart decision. riding itself is exhilerating. and 250 is the perfect bike to learn on and after you get bored with it, you can resale for pretty much what you paid.

i have no need to stunt or ride recklessly.. i have fun learning to drag knee on turns. thats my thing.. lol.
nice cbr, but whatta fuckin squid :p
I currently have a Suzuki SV 1000s. I love it but hopefully within the next year ill have new GSXR 1000. I ride my bike everywhere, all my friends around Gettysburg get together every weekend and go fo rides down in MD (no points). So much fun but some of these guys are crazy!
thats a nice bike you got there... ive seen a few of those here but havent though much of them. your's for some reason is beautiful.. it might be the silver. ive only seen em in the dark blue and some other blueish color
1 - 8 of 76 Posts
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