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7thgen riders! lets see your bikes!!

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my k7 gsxr600

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nice, i want a gsx-r! :( can't ride one too short probably lol imma stick to a ninja 250r for a beginner lol hopefully i'll get licensed by mid october, will post pix when i get my ninja! :D
rofl i'm sure i'm 5' so yeah i'll stick to a baby bike, the 250's look like the 600's! they look extra sporty i'm excited imma go check some out in a few weeks! :D
damn really sold out? i hope they have one for me! i want a red one!! since i have a white boring car i'd love to have a flashy color bike! they're cheap!! 3500 msrp
first time rider here, never even ridden on the back of someone else's bike nor do i want to...i refuse to lol. i don't plan on stuntin lol or goin super fast or anythin just wanna ride basically....if things go well and when the 250 is paid off i might get a faster bike, but it's a matter of fittin on it. :(
1 - 5 of 76 Posts
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