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7thgen riders! lets see your bikes!!

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my k7 gsxr600

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nice, i want a gsx-r! :( can't ride one too short probably lol imma stick to a ninja 250r for a beginner lol hopefully i'll get licensed by mid october, will post pix when i get my ninja! :D
yea the new gsxrs are sex!

im 5'7 and can plant one foot... not too bad. the response and handling are amazing especially for a first bike. you really need some dicipline to not grab the throttle. lol
rofl i'm sure i'm 5' so yeah i'll stick to a baby bike, the 250's look like the 600's! they look extra sporty i'm excited imma go check some out in a few weeks! :D

here is my 03 ducati and 01 ninja

both sold but I am looking at a new bike thats either a touring bike or a streetfighter style

heres the new one or will be soon

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btw u need a tailchop on the bike badly
panda, i agree, the new 08 250's are more agressive. actually they are very hard to come by in chicago, the dealer has a waiting list til the end of august..

after i finish my school and get my own place, id like to pick up a nice 70's honda cb400 (cafe racr style bike) and an 07 honda repsol 1000rr
no need to spend 150 for a undertail kit... it looks fine the way it is... id rather enjoy my bike the way it is.. thats why i have the car to mod
I went to look at the 08 250r since I had the 01...and I would have prolly got one around town since I need a bike bad...but the dealer basicly told me they are sold out all over texas

and as for that fz6 I posted that will be the color I get...I fell in love with that

that full header on the front is hot
damn really sold out? i hope they have one for me! i want a red one!! since i have a white boring car i'd love to have a flashy color bike! they're cheap!! 3500 msrp
ya he told me he can get 1 for 3500 (my price) but I would rather double down and spend 6-7 since I will prolly stunt with it
first time rider here, never even ridden on the back of someone else's bike nor do i want to...i refuse to lol. i don't plan on stuntin lol or goin super fast or anythin just wanna ride basically....if things go well and when the 250 is paid off i might get a faster bike, but it's a matter of fittin on it. :(
the 250 was just 2 slow 2 even launch the front up...thats y I need a light bike...if anyone in texas is selling one hit me up cause I pay cash
panda good choice.. and smart decision. riding itself is exhilerating. and 250 is the perfect bike to learn on and after you get bored with it, you can resale for pretty much what you paid.

i have no need to stunt or ride recklessly.. i have fun learning to drag knee on turns. thats my thing.. lol.
novice what did u give for that bike? they wanted like 10 for the local gsxrs new for a 600...I told them no way and went to kawasaki to look into the 08 650r for only 6.5grand... so I am still debating
i'm really not a fan of crotch rockets, but, i must say....i would love a ducati monster cause it doesn't have too much body
thats why I like that yamaha lol naked bikes pwn
nice rides, i want one gotta go get my bike license first

my classroom...choose 1 lol


my moms new vstar she payed like 4 grand 13k miles...tons of mods


my dads new big dog k-9...


for some reason I decided to go on the highway and take a pic of myself...look mah no hands


and last pic I will post...THE GOODS

see its kinda similar...being naked pwns
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