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2005 Ep3 Civic SI

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I've got my Girlfriends 2005 Civic si Hatch for sale.
Car only has 52,500 miles on it.!

Very clean car. 100% stock, runs like it just left the showroom floor.
Changed oil and all maintenance done ever 3,000 miles.
Just replaced the battery a few weeks ago.

Rims and tires are both in AMAZING shape. Tires are not even a year old.

here is the only bad:

Its just cosmetic stuff. NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING wrong with the engine or anything mechanically.

Car has a few small dings above the driver side back tire. Side mirror is a little chipped. And a small dent on the back hatch door. This is all shown in the pictures. We have nothing to hide. It is not major at all. Still a beautiful car.!

Here are some pictures. We are asking $10,500. :tup:

If you have any questions please let us know. We will be more than happy to answer anything.

BTW we are from Kansas.
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I know. Part of the reason we are selling it. We has no moneys.

lol we are getting married soon and need to get things straight financially,
Yeah its up on craigslist now. I figured I would start it high that way I have some room to come down.

But thanks guys. :wave:
bump. Lowering the price big time.

I had it at $13,500 so I could come down a lot and still be happy. But now i'm in a tight situation financially. I need to see this baby go.

new price $10,500. pretty firm on that. But still open minded.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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