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Hey guys, new member here! So, I have an 05 Acura EL. For some people, this is just a souped up Honda Civic ES with different rear and front. Also you get luxury interior finishes. Anyway, I had a K24A2 swapped 06 RSX-S before but was totalled. The RSX was a financial mistake so instead of buying another one, I opted for a more economical and cheaper vehicle for daily.

I was expecting an improvement in gas mileage by lots. For my K24 RSX, I consistently get around 24-25 mpg all city. I get the same for my D17 EL/Civic which stumps me. I figured I might just have a very worn engine (has 238k kms) and that might be the cause of low mpg. I will yet to do a compression test to see what is the condition. There are no CEL, tires are inflated to recommended psi, previously installed new denso air fuel sensor, spark plugs etc. I am losing oil probably by both leak and burn 1qt / 1000kms. So I am contemplating to if I should overhaul the D17 or swap a used D17 or do a K20 swap. By having a previously K20 and K24 RSX, I would like the performance that comes with it but I rarely get to play with it. I am always on city between 2-4k rpm so I dont get to access the potential the K series has.

Also, I would not want to get another RSX as I do like the look of the EL so much and I am saving up for my dream car (brap brap). Any thoughts on this? Cheers guys!

*PS I attached a picture of a leak and what might be a common leak for D17s on this picture?
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