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Car has been sold Turbo Parts are listed in the 4Sale Thread

ATM the listed price is for everything including the turbo parts. This is only for 7thGen Members.

104xxx miles, runs great no problems with the car

Two new front tires
MP3 CD Player [Blue-tooth capable]
2x10" Memphis Audio w/ Open box
1000 watt amp [Kenwood]
HID's not installed
Tuner Lugs [in transit?? member never shipped??]

Turbo Parts:
Arizona t3 turbo 48 turbine housing/ .70 compressor housing
intercooler and piping [intercooler is huge]
Dezod V1 manifold
walboro 255 fuel pump
srt injectors- 577's
2.5" downpipe
bov [Greddy]
wastegate [XS Power]

PM me or email me @ [email protected] if interested.

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in my area the bank would have given me 8,400 for the car but i only asked for 7,200. So you are saying that the bank is not thinking logically.. just curious.. I also didn't have to put any money down.. and my interest rate was 3.2% if not 3.5%..

I just don't know how the price can drop so low.. =[

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Edmunds Quote - Bankers use this not KBB

KBB Quote - Interesting stuff eh..
Your car is not "excellent" so don't go off this quote.
I took the liberty to check on this is what I received. I assumed 105k miles (you put 104xxx) MT, for a 2004 EX in good condition. This is a private party quote which is the transaction you appear to seek.

You could always take it to Carmax.
Place as much as you can for sale separately.

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lol, I thought about getting that car as well... when recently searching for a new car, but IMO I'd rather get the 2dr coupe (i believe its the 330Ci? - more hp as well).
plus I think those cars are wayyy over rated for the hp you get & all the maintenence god forbid. :coffee:
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