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I would go ahead and do both sides as the other one will have very similar wear. It is a good idea to replace the seals but make sure the new seals are snug on the axles before you install them or your car will mark its spot lke my old dodge did.
I recommend new axles over rebuilt ones for the same reason, leaks suck. Rebuilt axles routinely have the shaft surface that contacts that seal turned down to make sure its smooth, but this causes it to be a smaller circumference and not seal well with new stock size seals.
If you do go with rebuilt axles you might have better results by getting your local parts guys to try find seals that fit snug on the narrower bearing surfaces.
Also, don't make the mistake I did one time and make double sure the clip snaps into the transaxle securely, or you too may find yourself re-replacing an axle in a bank parking lot after it pops out crossing the entrance gutter/curbing. When the car bounces the axle popped out and chewed the end knurls right off. I was worried about the ring retainer clip coming off and staying in the transaxle:eek: so I ended up overnighting one and replacing it. In retrospect, that was actually one of the cleanest places I've done repairs.

Good luck with your new toy. :)
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