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02civicEM2 Head swap

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well its about as far as im gonna go with the engine but heres the list:

VTEC PnP Head with 3-angle valve job valve matched to OEM seats
S2 Crower cam
Crower springs and retainers
ARP head studs and 12pt nuts
HP headers with test pipe (Thanks Vilex)
OEM head gasket and valve seals

pics of head to follow. as this is my first head swap on this vehicle so constructive criticism is welcome but please keep the deconstructive comments to yourself as they do not help at all.
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intake port

Intake port again

Combustion chamber valve matched

combustion chamber again

Exhaust port

Top of head

Intake valves

Exhaust Valves

Crower Titanium retaners

Crower Valve springs

well thats all the pics i have for now. more to come later..maybe
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Looking good, what are the plans for it.
just want it to be a little faster for now not trying to make a race car with a honda. i also just like to work on engines and this is fun to do. might put a turbo on it later
do it right, nicely done. how much did it all put you in the whole?
the head ive had for a while so im not adding the cost of it in to the equation
head PnP = 331.24
cam spring and retainers = 701
Kpro with cam gear = 1144
ARP head studs = 115 (not real sure as ive had the studs for some time now)
Headers = 100
head gasket = 24
OEM valve seals = 40
crankshaft tool = 30

total = $2487.24

Kpro took me over the 2K mark but it takes money to do it right
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Wow. 2500! Hey cud u do us a favor n dyno it? Theres a dyno sheet thread u can post it on.. Bet there r some of us that r interested in ur results. Sounds like uve done good so far.
Wow. 2500! Hey cud u do us a favor n dyno it? Theres a dyno sheet thread u can post it on.. Bet there r some of us that r interested in ur results. Sounds like uve done good so far.
yea def gonna dyno it. hope it all goes well with no surprises
Why didn't the machinist unshroud the combustion chamber near the valve seats? You'll pick up a lot of flow from just .5mm of work with a carbide bit in these spots.

Or did he and I just can't tell from the angle of this shot?

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i think its just the shot. i just took a second look at it and it has more than enough room.
got the k-pro today along with the timing belt crank pulley removal tool and head gasket. now just to get it all together almost have the head ready to go. gotta move to a new apt before end of September so don't know when im gonna put it all on the car.
Just so you know, its 3 angle valve job, not 3 point.

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thanks foos
ok got the PnP head on and it was a rollercoaster ride that took three whole days starting sat morning 7am and going to monday evening 7pm. saturday held no surprises just was hard to get off cause all the hoses and junk was all stuck together, but finally got it off. didn't take pics while i was doing it, i was too caught up in the task at hand. the head itself came off with little resistance putting the new head on i kinda marked up the cylinder head deck a bit by No.4 combustion chamber but not too bad also the head gasket moved while i was setting the head on the block and the oil channel sat on top of the gasket. didnt take it off to look just lifted the head and moved the gasket back in place and it set down just fine.
got the head bolted down by the end of saturday and got the rest done by the end of sunday put the Kpro in loaded the s2 cam map and started it up. the cam oil seal was popping out due to RTV sealant clogging up the oil valley's on either side of the cam and the valve lash was way off so i had to set the valves. .006 on intake and .008 on exhaust. started it up again and it was nice and quiet. monday got the Kpro programmed and wires switched over on the ECU harness . driving home the OBD2 said my fuel was too lean so i spent an hour or so smoothing out the fuel curve monday night. tuesday morning uploaded the revised map, adjusted the idle to 1200 RPM and, raised the duty cycle of the iacv. ran ok to work but i keep hearing a ringing sound when the engine revs quickly. nothing smells out of the ordinary yet. engine bay is dirty from the last head leaking oil so no pics. so thats where i am.
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i could be wrong but 1200 for idle is a little high.
yea the config from hondata had the idle set at 950 but it kept dying so i kicked it up to 1000 then to 1200. i need to tune the ignition timing that might fix it. but im still learning the kmanager
What kind of numbers are you looking to get out of this?
What kind of numbers are you looking to get out of this?
120 to 150
What a large range, lol

DYNO! :wave:
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