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  1. Suspension
    After looking at many forum post about suspension options I've noticed a couple things: First, prices have gone way up over the year and many of the former budget options are no longer much cheaper than the nicer stuff. The blues are not that much cheaper than the yellows for example. Second...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    hey 7thgen. my name is bartt. nice to meet everyone! on to the good stuff. before.... then after.... then after after.... (hate it or love it) im trying to pull pictures together for a full build thread on my car. keep an eye out if your interested. :tup:
  3. Electrical
    Ok, so I want to get foglights (first "real" mod, after new head unit). I found these: -OR- Any thoughts? Also, if you follow the links you'll see that these are amazingly inexpensive, though they claim to be OEM. Comparing to the listed retail price, these are raising some red flags for...
  4. General Talk
    I've looked everywhere for them. i've looked at DIY's for tinting yellow but i dont know if that would last to long or how good it would look. anyone know where i can buy yellow lenses?
  5. Suspension
    OKAY, i know ive posted about this many a time but ive found a company who stock suspension for the em2 in the uk within a reasonable price range....... im looking at getting the bilistein rear shocks for the civic as my oems have gone, with what sort of drop am i going to get i got 45mm drop...
  6. General Talk
    finally got it done. what you guys think??
  7. Members Rides
    when i drive around at night time i usually pass by cars with yellow fog lights. I think it would look nice on my car so i was wondering how can i get those lights? I currently have fog lights on my car but its halogen. Is there 3000k HIDs for fog lights or do i just have to buy replacement...
  8. Suspension
    ok ok i want to get a new set up on friday but cant decide i no that the progress kt is more exspensive but better in performace but this will only be used for daily driving i want something that will last and i can dumped it stupid low without buttom out and shi......!i heard that gc and koni...
  9. Members Rides
    PasswordJDM won't have yellow fogs available for a few months, I need 'em quicker than that. What're the next best ones to get? I don't want some cheap eBay shit lol. I was gonna with the Pro Civic ones, but I weren't sure if they were any good
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Neat find: The Yellow Box Electronic Speedo Re-calibrator The speedometers and odometer on the S2000, and nearly all other modern cars, are calibrated from the factory with a plus 1-2 percent error. This means that actual speed or recorded...
  11. Electrical & Lighting
    i pulled this diy off clubeg6 to help people who have the clear fogs and want jdm yellow. also password jdm is out of stock on the yellow fogs so i needed to look this up again anyways. this diy is meant for an eg not a em but it should work as a guide line when i get my fogs i will write up one...
  12. Electrical
    I need to get an optima yellow top battery, but i dont know which one to get. I tried to search the other site and nothing. So I know someone on here has to know. Thanks.
1-12 of 12 Results