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  1. South
    All Import Auto Parts 5800 Elliott Reeder Rd Fort Worth, TX 76117 had a lot of 7th gens there 01-05 woot had an rsx for parts I believe I saw an ep3 also all the parts to this car are sitting outside it, but for anyone wanting oem parts for dirt cheap these people are the ones
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    immagine you are looking for a car... and you see this or a stock one...chances are the buyer will choose this IMO please no biased opinions only mods it has is: beat up motegi mr7's that need new tires ebay halos ebay intake a razzi kit that needs work panasonic cd player dual exhaust black...
  3. General Talk
    I'm looking into buying my first car and I've driven a few (somehwta) fast cars. I know civics are not fast unless you add things to them. Even the ex's which come with Vtec are that much faster..right? anyway I was looking into buying an 01 but I heard they have a RIDICULOUS amount of...
  4. General Talk
    I need a new car and I want a 7th gen. There's one in my town but it's really messed up. The asking price is $4,000. It has 140,000 miles and has lots of problems. The engine sounds good and looks good too and he claims its all original and has never been in an accident. The interior has some...
  5. Suspension
    I would like to know if the rear strut bar is a worthwhile installation. Iam the CarKing!lol and reconize any type of suspension upgrade especially stiffing up suspension and body to get power down and better control is a plus. -yet ive heard that installion of the rear strut bar is not even...
  6. General Talk
    So I'm looking to pick up a Daily, and I figured why not get another 7thGen. I'd probably end up modding it up a bit to, but thats a given because these cars are so cheap to mod. I've been shopping around, browsing forums, craiglist, dealer websites, etc etc... Found this...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Bradley sent this to me, so I thought I'd share. Pretty funny. Makes you think twice about going to Circuit City
  8. General Talk
    Well im thinking about selling my car.But what is it worth?? Heres the rundown. 03 civic ex 2dr 5spd 2nd owner 74,354 miles 04/05 rear bumper New headgasket, water pump, and timing belt Lowered on skunk 2 adjustables Sitting on NEXO M-20 18inch rims with almost new 225-40-18s This car is the...
  9. General Talk
    I got a pair of OEM mudflaps off a 04 civic? i think.. the civic with the longer headlights... not the 06-07. They have like 100miles on them> i was thinking about puttin them on ebay, but i cant find anyone else selling them. I know mudflaps are a hot oem part for th 92-00 civics... They are...
  10. South
    March 24 3-4 pm Hooters on Bryant Irvin Rd. (Right off of 820) It seems as though the link straight from hooters website has stopped working, so here are a few links that might help It is the first hooters on the list 5350 SW Blvd. Ft...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    so my buddies little brother showed me this and i thought it was pretty funny
1-11 of 12 Results