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  1. Electrical
    Got this used em2 that was manual swapped. Apart from the check engine, abs, and maint required light being on solid, I'm trying to wire my reverse lights to work now. There's a thread here that has instructions but i think my harness is a different one. I don't have a solid yellow instead I...
  2. Electrical
    well I recently got my em2 and we all know radio sucks balls, so i got my alpine out of my old car unwired everything went and bought the wiring harness hooked everything up right i triple checked my wires. but when i had my dash & old radio out the alpine wont turn all i get is the sound of a...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    hi i've been visiting this site every day for a year but i've never posted, only doing small thing to my sedan but now, last week the heart of my sweet sedan after crying too much for that piece of shit i realize it was time for k20 i start looking engine and tranny and found it for...
  4. Electrical
    So Mralbino posted this on the last wiring thread I found, but I have another question related to this. My ep3 wiring harness has an orange and white "dimmer" wire and a solid orange "illumination/dash light" wire. But my deck wiring harness has one orange and white "illumi" wire (listed as...
  5. Electrical
    I got an older alpine w/ the v-drive amp that pushes out 27watts rms.....accorfding to the manual im supposed to wire it to the battery for optimal power. If i wire it to the battery wont it drain my battery even w/o the car on???
  6. Electrical
    Im looking for the wiring diagram for the 02 sensor, i need to know what each wire is for what please. I have a haynes manual but they don list it..
  7. Electrical
    CAN SOMEONE REVIEW, MAKE CORRECTIONS, or/and APPROVE OF THIS DIAGRAM BEFORE I DO MY WIRING TODAY PLEASE... there is a ground for the switch because its an LED switch.
  8. Mechanical Problems
    Does anyone have the wiring diagram to help me find out the wiring for my iat(intake air temp.) sensor? my engine light is on and tested the sensor and it's good
  9. Electrical
    anyone wire one in there vic befor eneed help asap!!!! 310 alpine dvd unit with a pac tr7bypass box... any digrams or help needed!!!!
  10. General Talk
    I know this has probably been gone over before but I can't find it anywhere. I've got projector headlights with the separate high and low beams, so if I were to get an HID kit, how exactly would it wire up? The high beam is what I'm really asking about, would I have to just put an HID bulb in...
  11. Electrical
    hey im replacing my rear speakers. As a temp. fix before I get different harnesses, should I wire the red speaker line (bigger prone) to my colorful/blue/yellow wire and the black to the single colored tan or green ( im colorblind) wire? my driver side has a black/blue and a white/blue wire...
  12. Electrical
    so i just got some stanley dc5 amber sidemarkers w. sockets and bulbs but with no wiring. So im wondering if anyone know what kind of wiring would work? any specific kind of amp/volt or something like that? i know passwordjdm sells them for $20+$8.63 for shipping, but all i really need is the...
  13. Electrical
    See subject. In doing my 04-05 conversion I have discovered that 01-03 Civics use different turn signal sockets and clips than 04-05 Civics. So I need to order new wiring pigtails but have no idea what ISO size they are be able to find them. Here's the socket in question. No I can't just swap...
  14. Electrical & Lighting
    alright. I did the intersection lights on an accord this month. I had a hard time finding a topic that explained every thing I needed to know. even in other forums. in this is the diagram you will see how to wire up any intersection lights if you are using an OEM honda intersection relay, but...
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    hey guys, im about to put a k20a2 in my 01 civic and was wondering if anyone had wired the second 02 sensor themself and could help me ? i followed the DIY from xproductionz and im not planning on going k pro yet (low funds) so i was told i needed the second 02 if im not using k pro. i will also...
  16. Electrical
    is there a diy for ricer gauges such as water temp, air, voltage, parking light?
  17. Electrical
    any ideas on how I would wire up these interior LEDs? and would it be possible to hook it up using my cig lighter and not my battery.
  18. Electrical
    Can any one point me in the right direction on how to wire a capacitor to my system? I got it used from a friend and he cant tell me how to wire it up...
  19. Electrical
    When I got my civic the PO had disconnected the interior trunk light, and had put in a 12” red neon in its place. This is cool with me, but the 1 neon just isn’t enough light to see squat at night. Since I had 4 pairs of 4” red cold cathodes collecting dust I figured I’d throw them in there...
  20. Electrical
    Found this, hope it helps some one. I am thinking of putting a 2-way in my car and if I did would anyone be interested in a DIY? 2003 Honda Civic Car Alarm and Remote Car Starter Wiring Information Constant 12V+ Wire: White Constant 12V+ Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness Starter Wire...
1-20 of 33 Results