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  1. Electrical
    Hi all! I hope this is the right place to post. I've noticed while researching this topic for myself that there is still a lot of uncertainty as to how to wire up the headlights to dim your new car stereo. I just wanted to make this thread to add a little clarification for how it worked for me...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    last week the heart of my sweet sedan after crying too much for that piece of shit i realize it was time for k20 i start looking engine and tranny and found it for 5000 so i went to my local mechanic to ask him how much to swap the k20 in there...and he told me he got something to show...
  3. Electrical
    Looking for a battery terminal that I can put my 4 ga wire for my amp and the power for the car (8 ga?) in. I'm looking for inexpensive. This one looked ok, but I never heard of them and wanted to get some other opinions first...
  4. Electrical
    I'm looking for a spot to run power for my amp. Last car I ran it through the firewall, is there a good spot for that in an 01 EX coupe?
  5. Electrical
    ok what all is involved in a wire tuck and how hard is one and what is the big ground kit for and what does it do sorry for noob ?s
  6. Electrical
    Hey for those of you have already installed component speakers into your car, what size speaker wires are you running? I was going to just buy 12AWG speaker wire from 50ft...
  7. Electrical
    reason why i havent been to any meets abs delete done.....check fuse box relocate into interior of car....check battery relocate to trunk.....check engine wire harness progress gonna get the valve cover powdercoated and the intake tube. and have new cams and kpro in the...
  8. General Talk
    Anyone here have a wire tucked engine bay? I prefer a d17 to see what it looks like, if you have a K then post it up as well. I love the clean look =D. Im planning on tucking mine either 2moro or this weekend.
  9. General Talk
    is there any plugs that i can remove so i can feed wires thru the drivers side firewall? i tried looking but i cant find any. i only found plugs on the passenger side firewall.
  10. Swap and Forced Induction
    I was just wondering if the secondary o2 sensor is wired into the main engine harness or would we have to wire that in ourselves when doing the vtec headswap? I read about how you can use vafc but i wanna use a a2 harness and ecu instead.
  11. Electrical
    This is a complete list of all the wires you would ever need for any type if mobile electronics. If for some reason there is a wire that you need that is not listed just hit me up. Also, I can do this for any vehicle any manufacturer, do not ask for them here, please us pm. Sorry it does not...
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    Anyone have a source that can do them for an EM2? When I get my swap I am shaving the bay but I will need a wire tuck done also. I haven't seen or heard of one done on an EM2 before.
  13. Electrical
    Does anyone know what the Green w/ a black stripe wire does on the 03 EX cluster? Thats the only wire i have left to connect to finish my install in my 01 EX! Ill post a DYI later. Just anyone please help!
  14. Electrical
    I read the DIY by Gearbox about the 3 wires to replace.. the problem is that I dont know where exactly they are.... i will post this picture of my engine bay, could someone copy and draw on it where the connection points are and send it back to me? Thanks!!
1-15 of 15 Results