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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Just wondering if regular Civic 14" rims will fit. Are the brakes the same or does the Si have bigger brakes? I'm talking the 02-03 4 lug version.
  2. Members Rides
    was board and we have some old abandoned factories to go take some pictures here they are. there not the best and it was cold so i was taking the pictures quick
  3. Members Rides
    Hey a couple new pics this past weekend. This is the winter mode, no side skirts and rear lip. Comments/criticism welcome. Here are some random pics that I took also this past month.
  4. Canada
    OK SOO stress of the holiday season is over and i wanna see what kind of response i get for a winter meet from about a month from now mid feb early feb.. i have only been on this site for about 5 6 months but i have seen at least 6 7 canadian boys join since so i think its time, plus there isnt...
  5. Members Rides
    From this: To This: Summer Mode:
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    What was offensive about it? I am being serious? Or was it just asinine? Was it the fact I referred to them as Jews? I realize that sounds bad but, I have never heard of another way to refer to those who follow Moses but not Jesus or Muhammad. Is there a more PC term to use? I seriously...
  7. Wheels/Tires/Brakes :tup:
  8. Members Rides
    Let me know what you guys think.. I'm torn between keeping the grill plain black, or putting on my JDM badges:shrug: ughhhhh put the emblems on finally!
  9. Members Rides
    Well i traded my truck in for this snowmobile thats fucking fast. Just kiding but this is my winter toy Arctic cat ZRT 800. This sled has some balls and as everyone that reads my thread know i cant leave nothing alone so the motor is built a little bit and its fast enough it was dyned at 235...
  10. Members Rides
    wasn't too thrilled w/ how these turned out. i wanted to hit another spot too, but ran out of time and never got around to it before it rained, here's what i had to work w/. 2 new goodies plus the steelies back on: to start off, it's the show hook! what's this? a mirror...
  11. General Talk
    I tried Searching around on here for Winter storage tips but couldn't find anything, I threw my car into storage for the winter yesterday. I have a 3 car garage and its in the third bay which is seperated from the other 2 stalls, so this section will not be heated, but it does not get super cold...
  12. Mid West
    so it's been a while since we had a meet. adam, rein, zack, gmo all moving on to other things (more or less) kinda makes this place a little empty. so i figure this winter we can just get together and grab some wings and beers or something. i wanna get the old midwest crew back but new members...
  13. Basic Performance
    I have a AEM cold air intake.. Now im not as privileged as some guys to be able to get a winter beater so my puppy"s hittin the snow again this year. I have always heard to take the cold air out for the metal builds condensation from the frost and can cause water is the engine... MYTH? lemme...
  14. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    The question has come up several times as to what the purpose is for winter tires so I happen to find this on which explains.... So, first off let's learn or relearn the facts about winter tires How do winter tires work? here are a few pictures to illustrate the mechanics...
  15. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I want something different for my winter wheels...I am in the market for a 15'' wheel cuz I just bought new tires for my steelies last year (winter tires). Jake was kind enough to do a photochop w/ wheels I found.... I am thinking they may look ok if I remove the tint from my tails and expose...
  16. Photography and Photoshop
    So we have all seen the pictures of eachothers car looking all good and what not. I think it is time to show what they look like in the winter time. Post up your winter pics. You may also post pics of cool winter scenery if you have any. These must be pictures taken by you. Click...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    I hate winter. It's cold, roads are slick, my car gets dirty, I can't roll with the windows down without looking stupid, heating bills are through the fucking ceiling. It's for the birds. And we don't even get snow where I am in the UK. Sure it's pretty, but it's high maintenance. So post a pic...
  18. General Talk
    :snooty:.....well here you go fellow members. i spun out today going around a corner on some snow. the back end kicked out on me, i kept swerving trying to regain control, and it went completely around getting hung up in a ditch. didnt have the the cam w/ me during the accident, but here's the...
  19. Members Rides
    hey guys, i havent been on for quite a bit, with finals and holiday stuff going on but i had some crappy cel phone pics of my car during the winter season.. these two are at school, with my car parked all alone from everyone... it was a cold cold walk to her... these three i took because...
  20. Off Topic Lounge
    GAME: Mercedes AMG Winter Drift Competition
1-20 of 25 Results