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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    7th Gen Honda Photo Contest - December Here are the rules this time around: Theme - Meets: this can be anything from a car meet, to a piece of meat. Let your imagination run free with this, it is anything that you could interpret as a "meet" Submissions must be sent in to me via PM by Dec...
  2. Photography Contest
    Congrats to Thomas! We'll see if the vendors want to do a gift certificate for you. Let me know what the next theme will be, we definitely need to start getting creative w/ the themes btw :tup:
  3. Photography Contest
    Congratulations to Miss Suzy Q ONCE again!!! You will be awarded with a Gift Certificate to Dezod Motorsports, details will be handled through Private Messaging. Chris, give her another Award!! :tup:
  4. Photography Contest
    Kevin was whining, so i had to make this thread for him. Chris, he's also whining about his medal thing. 2) EMII - "They see me Rollin" Congrats though, props to everyone who entered!
  5. Photography Contest
    Winner by cheating... Suzy Q: You have to give me a week or so for your prize... Since you're gay and don't own a 7thgen, i can't give you the Super Secret Prize.
  6. Photography Contest
    Thanks again everyone who entered :P. Wngman200 takes it by 3 votes with Reflections of a Sleeper. Ryan, feel free to start up your contest in this section.
  7. Photography Contest
    Thanks everyone who entered. Congrats to silv3rciv for 1st. Christmas Downtown PM me with next topic when you're ready.
  8. Photography Contest
    Nice entries. Congrats to Wngman200. Wngman200 When the Sun Goes Down (song by Kenny Chesney) Whenever you're ready, PM me the subject for next contest. Congrats again.
  9. Photography Contest
    Congratulations to Banzaisteve for winning this months photo contest: Up Up and Away You're Medal is in the mail :police:
  10. Photography Contest
    Congrats to honda10secivic for taking 1st with 8 votes Photo entered Beer Pong, Volleyball, and The ES1 Prize: You get to choose the next subject for photography contest(pm me the subject). Also, Chris said he might be able to put something next to your name, so I will talk to him about that.
1-10 of 10 Results