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  1. Mechanical Problems
    The passenger window on my 2002 SI (EX in US) will go down but not up. The window has never had an issue in the 3 years I've owned it until now. I've tried making the window go up using both the driver side and passenger side switches... no luck. I'm no guru of electrical, but I attempted some...
  2. Electrical
    Well my driver side window just decided to not want to go down anymore. The passenger window goes down fine, and I've checked every fuse possible and they're all fine. I've come to the conclusion that it must be the regulator. I think that's what its called. I know how to take my door panel...
  3. General Talk
    ive seen some em2's with a rear window visor spoiler whatever its called and i relly want one but i dont know what brand it is or where to find one if u guys with that visor is reading help me out i really wanna put one on because i know it will look sooo clean on my car thanks.
  4. Mechanical Problems
    is all the windows the same for the passenger window for the 2drs? can i use the 01-03 window for the 04-05? i was driving on the freeway and it just shatters like night of the roxbery style lol. i thought i was getting shot at..ahh and does it matter if the donor car is non power windows?
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Post Your Window Stickers! I wanna see everyone's coolest or Funniest window stickers so i can copy them!!! lol :eek3: Here's Mine.... Back Window Front Window
  6. Members Rides
    First off this thread is not for flaming. I know there are many of you that don't like me personally, but this thread is for my car not me. glossary: recieved rs lip pg. 6ish not sure recieved esmm inserts pg 9 recieved volks pg 11 volks mounted pg 14 Good pics of volks azunex took pg 16 rear...
  7. General Talk
    Hey all - I've recently come into a little bit of money and decided it was time to get some window deflectors for my 02 sedan. I've taken a look at the weathertechs and heard nothing but good things, but I was wondering if anyone's used these deflectors (which are also no-tape). I haven't been...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    First off I have to give credit to Alpha 5 ( ) for the neat idea and original DIY. This DIY will show you how to have your power windows working without having your key in the ignition. And I always hated to have to stick in my key into...
  9. Detailing
  10. General Talk
    Ummm...I was Wondering Where I Can Get Like.....Flush Mount Window Visors??? If Anyone Wants To Help Me Out I Would Be Very Happy..... :)
  11. General Talk
    my auto down for my window dont go down atomaticly any more any one knows the problem?
  12. Members Rides
    I am really not sure where to get a window brow but I noticed the front window of my vic doesnt have a brow... I want to do it in maybe 5% tint Would you reccomend me doing it myself? or paying a tint shop to do it? I am sure they can do it for maybe 30 bucks... ALSO should I get any...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone ever get a ticket for window tint? I just got one today driving my girlfriends car. They pulled me over and had guns drawn at me and searched the car. You know what funny the guy ahead of me did a rolling stop and no cop went after him but i had tint so they go after me. On my civic I...
  14. Electrical
    Does anybody has the diagram for the Switch on the drivers and passenger side??? de diagram displaying what pins are what on the switch!! please!!! THanks!!
  15. General Talk
    does anyone know how to take the door panel off and place a new piece of glass in?
  16. Members Rides
    So I installed my window visors into the window channel, at first whenever I rolled up the window it would hit the visor at bottom part near side mirror, but I fixed that part. Now whenever I start rolling window up more to top part of the visor(the visor is almost lined up with the window) it...
  17. General Talk
    gas is friggren expensive nowdays and living in hawaii doesn't make that any better. so im on a mission to save gas. ive heard that after 50mph its better to use a/c than having the windows rolled down because the increased drag causes the car to use more gas than having the a/c on. what do you...
  18. Mechanical Problems
    well the passenger switch on the driver side wasnt rolling up half the time, so i bought one on ebay. turns out the ebay one has a rear window switch broken. lol. so i opened mine up and looked at the pass side, well it looks like something blew up cause all the contacts were black. so i swapped...
  19. General Talk
    I'm going to get my windows tinted finally as soon as I get paid. But I'm not sure how dark I want to get it. I want it to look good, so I was thinking of getting like 25-30% all around, but I live in Socal and the legal limit for the fronts is somewhere around 80% but the shop I'm getting it...
1-19 of 20 Results