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    Wondering if any1 has ever tried burning a wii game for a modded system. Would really love to get inputs on this and maybe some good websites to get games from. Thanx guys!
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    This one required exorcism lol
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    I must say, this is the greatest game ever to play with people you know... I made a couple videos with me and Barry (Scrimp) playing. You guys can all get a good laugh at me yelling and cursing in the background... Good ol' times though, it's nice to act like a kid every now and then :tup...
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    One of the funnest games ive played in a while I bought an extra wheel, so my wife and I could play. The extra wheel was 10 bones anyways and the games comes with one already If you do pick it up add me Barry - 0989-2130-4893 List of MK friend codes - updated 9/13 Damian's friend...
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    Well, my mom just called me and told me she got me a WII for my b-day... I currently have a 360 and i play all of my sports games and such on there, or anyother games. I just want to know what are some good games made for the WII that i should look into buying... i'm a huge Smash Brothers fan...
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    does he honestly think he has to swing that hard :smiley-rofl::icon_bash: :doh3: its after the commercial
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    Alli have to say is this is just straight bad ass!
  9. Videos & Other Media :lol: :lol:
1-9 of 10 Results