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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Will a full size spare fit in the well under the trunk? lost 3 of 4 tires to nails driving down 195W... bought 4 new rubbers dont want to waste the perfectly good tire. thanks!
  2. Members Rides
    I'm wanting to keep the speedo on point as possible and also a good lasting meaty tire which is why I'm choosing a 205/50. Now with lowering, how low am I safe too go so I don't rub but also get rid of some wheel gap? Rolling fenders or running weird camber is out of the question. Thanks!
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Im getting this weird "whirring" sound from the front wheels when I turn the steering wheel slightly to the left it changes speed with the speed of the vehicle, so it's gotta be the wheels or tires or something. It's kinda like the sound of a tire rolling along the pavement when it's kinda...
  4. Photography and Photoshop
    Would it be possible to have someone color match the rims to the car? I would like to keep the rim polished. Also, if anyone has other suggestions for colors, I would be open to suggestions. The wheels are pitted and in need of some TLC. Fresh filler and paint should do the trick. Thank...
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So i'm sure this has happened to some of you at least once... well... i have misplaced my wheel lock and i got a flat O.o;; any suggestions on how you can take it off? I googled it and found a few ways.... but i was wondering if anyone has tried them with any success. Other than taking it to a...
  6. Members Rides
    Going to be taking the car to paint at the end of next month to get painted. Already decided im going with the Artic Blue Pearl but im undecided on wheel color. Artic Blue Pearl with Gunmetal Wheels: Artic Blue Pearl with Bronze Wheels: Props to 20civic04 for the chops btw. Let me...
  7. General Talk
    Im thinkin about sellin my jmags.If i keep em im gunna have to buy sum bigger tires for them.Do you guys think i shud keep them or sell em?
  8. Suspension
    Hey im starting to feel my steering wheel vibrate/shake when im on the freeway around 70mph ? i already had my friends shop re-balanace my wheels. What other reason may cause this?
  9. Detailing
    hey i need some wheel cleaner that in gentle enough you use on volk te37 but hard enough to get stained on crap off...any ideas? what do you guys use??
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So I have searched, with no luck, on what procedure to take when replacing my wheel bearings. I need both front and rear, and was curious do I just need bearings, or do I replace the entire hub assembly? Thanks
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    Can someone photoshop these wheels on my car. one in the red and the other in the gunmetal. Thanks Rota RB 15": Red Gunmetal ... On this
  12. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Hey Guys I am planning on replacing my own wheel cylinders this weekend... I have been reading online about it a lot and it doesn't seem too difficult. I have changed my own oil, and changed brake pads on disc brakes before, but I don't have any experience doing drum brakes.... Does anyone...
  13. Photography and Photoshop
    Hey Guys, I need one of your works to chop the mini cooper wheels onto my civic.....
  14. Photography and Photoshop
    after doing quite a few wheel chops I figured it would only be logical to make a thread devoted to wheel chopping and other misc things chopped on your car. post your car and the wheel you want done. no need to bump the thread just repost your pics if they are a few pages back. :tup: im on...
  15. Photography and Photoshop
    i know you guys are excellent at this so plz help me out. can you guys make one for both the GT3s and the C8s both in 16"? thanks
  16. Photography and Photoshop
    I currently have my wheels painted gunmetal... now wanna change it up again. can i get someone to photoshop them to a bronze color? Here is the stock color of them Thanks in advance
  17. Mechanical Problems
    I've searched here, other forums, and Google and couldn't seem to find my answer. What are my options if I purchase a DC5/RSX/EP3 steering wheel w/o the airbag? Is it a lost cause? How do I fix the cover? Can I use my EX airbag? Thank you for any assistance!:tup:
  18. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    whats the tread sizes for our wheel bolts as im looking at a set of blue wheel nuts?????
1-19 of 82 Results