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  1. Stonecutters
    Hey guys i'm working on a website for my vendorship and am needing some pictures of 7thgens to kinda deck out the site. I don't wanna just steal the picture of some random 7thgen so i'm wondering if you guys mind sharing some pictures of your cars for me to use. Thanks cutters! Comments...
  2. Off-Topic
    Check this site out guys Honda and the agency that created this site really outdid themselves.
  3. Basic Performance
    Just wondering... What websites do you guys all use to get your parts.. i use then i look at other web sites for cheaper prices and send them to procivic and thy lower there price... =] cheap i know... but saves some money.. =]
  4. Suspension
    Hey everyone, m looking to buy a set of tein ss coilovers from a local seller. the thing is that the model # is not on the tein website. also, will this fit all 01-05 civics??? i need to know before i purchase. thanks evryone
  5. Off-Topic
    I saw this on another forum, so I figured I'd post it.
  6. General Talk
    this website is the bomb
  7. General Talk
    Has anyone ever done business with coz i order a lip from them but i dont see any shipped date or anything. I sent them an email and just waiting for a response.
  8. Off-Topic
    Trying to think of a good .com name for a tshirt store. Had a few ideas.. please check before you submit ideas. I don't want to get excited with a idea that you have just to find out that it is not available for...
1-8 of 9 Results