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  1. General Talk
    my car has like spots of wax that kind of dried before i could buff it out or something... do i just use dish soap and wa-la? haha :dunno:
  2. Detailing
    So I have heard from many people that you aren't supposed to wax a car when it is brand new. My friend, however, has a new car and want the surface to feel smooth ( not going to clay bar yet). So is it ok to wax his '09? I mean, we are planning on using Mothers or some other nice brand and the...
  3. Detailing
    Does anyone know a wax that is good for a cf hood that wont take off the clearcoat? I was told by the landscaper today that the wax i was using was gonna damage my hood, because it wasnt clearcoat something....? i know not the most reliable source, but just seeing if anyone had some good wax...
  4. Members Rides
    The hood looks like crap i know.. Im getting it recleared so it will look brand new when its done
  5. Members Rides
    a few of the shots are about the same, i had a lot of close-ups this time. 1st shoot where i edited w/ CS2 (which we all got from Unevolved, thanks again!)... enjoy, rep/comments/opinions are welcome! :tup: **my new desktop**
  6. Detailing
    What is a good wax that doesn't leave a white powder behind like caruba does (you know, in the cracks and stuff)? Turtle Ice? Meguires NXT?
  7. Detailing
    Picked up a bottle of this, came with a sponge and a microfiber cloth, put one coat on, car looking really good. Is this stuff alright to use weekly? Does it harm the clearly coat at all?
  8. Detailing
    what do most people here use as their car wash? usually use meguiars deep clean (the purple stuff).. but was wondering if anyone here tried that turtle wax ice stuff? ..they have the liquid wax, detailer, and clay bar ..anyone try?,1,1,3
  9. Members Rides
    had a little photoshoot with a friend. 1. 2. 3. 4. this is all for now...more to come soon. enjoi!
  10. Members Rides
    after waxing before the pollen got to it. putting on the HID's and fogs this friday(tax return pending) then you'll get a front end pic(imagine the standard HBP 04 until then)
  11. Detailing
    Is there a such thing? And is it safe on aluminum wheels?
1-11 of 11 Results