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  1. Mechanical Problems
    its an 02 honda civic ex 99k miles, 5spd, i took it out of storage today, finally got it regestered up north so no emissions, i got 100 yards down the road and started smelling anti freeze and noticed my temp gauge was rising quickly, i shut the car off and pop the hood, there seems to be water...
  2. General Talk
    My driver side fog light fills with water everytime i wash my car or it rains. I've looked online but i cant find anything on the problem. When i was installing them, my moms boyfriend did pick one up to look at it and he dropped it onto our brick driveway, maybe that had something to do with...
  3. Electrical
    I said again because I opened it up and sealed it as good as it can get. I read around and I think water leaked in through the light bulb holes or around there because I bought some HIDs and I'm thinking that caused it. My plan is to take them off the car and blow dry them through the holes...
  4. Detailing
    i have a question about the water marks/stain on my driver/passengers window. i tried everything and i cant get rid of it. it runs verticle on my window i think its caused from the window sliding up and down when its wet...what u guys suggested?
  5. Mechanical Problems
    So yeah. Snow & Ice with a civic with BALD front tires. From me spinning them trying to get around well yeah im sure today did not help. Also From all the rain and slush my CEL went on and well now my car wont go and stalls. I have an AEM wideband and it goes right to lean and as i push gas...
  6. Videos & Other Media
    Its so sad that they did this but then agian it shows u how well or cars or built :eek3:
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Water Bill..................... Jennifer and Jim kept getting huge water bills. They knew beyond a doubt that the bills weren't representative of their actual usage, and no matter how they tried to conserve, the high bills continued. Although they could see nothing wrong, they had everything...
  8. Exterior
    Ok, I asked for some heads up on this one a little while back - thanks all for the tips, figured i would do a write up. Tools needed: Phillips head screwdriver 10mm. Socket 10mm Wrench 8mm. Deep Socket Pliers Clear Silicone Caulk Ok, first you will need to take down the carpet in the trunk...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Just looking to get some much needed informations concering the cooling system and this bad mechanic that was recommended to me. Initiall i was supposed to have the timing belt as well as the alternator and pwer-steering belts. The ehxaust maifold was alos replace. Now i am having a problem...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    Just wondering if anyone with an LX has had problems driving in the rain with their intakes? I sure have... is this normal?
1-11 of 11 Results