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  1. General Talk
    lol.. so i see i got your attention. long story short, popped out tires to do the springs install, but didnt have enough time so decided on spraying the calipers and rear drums with some red paint and dry over night (so that next day i can do the springs). only prob is, not only did I paint...
  2. Events
    It was definately a good ass time with plenty of memories... it was awesome meeting everyone, you guys were all hilarious and fun to hang out with! Soooooo, my brother and I were supposed to drive seperate but it turned out that he had last minute problems and couldn't drive his car... sooooo...
  3. Other Cars
    Nissan Altima top-rated mid-size sedan:domo: By CONSUMER REPORTS Published on: 02/02/08...
  4. Off Topic Lounge :domo:
  5. Suspension
    I'll be installing them tomorrow...hopefully I'll take some pics tomorrow too.
  6. South
    :grin: Looks like we're all united now. No more seperation by state.
1-6 of 6 Results