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  1. Electrical
    any one have some sort of wiring diagram? 01LXMT Thanks!
  2. Videos & Other Media
    took this from ephatch, figured you guys would like it....ep3 is making 529 whp and 387wtq
  3. Electrical
    I know Andy posted his install with the 5901 alarm, I just have a few questions that myself and several others may be interested in. I went to DEI and checked out their alarms. I dont really want to go with remote start b/c mine is a stick and im scared i would end up leaving it in gear and you...
  4. Electrical
    So, I'm not a huge car security guy, a regular alarm has worked fine for me on the civic. But with the accord, I decided to go top of the line and the best alarm I found was the viper 5901. Viper 5901 (P/N: 5702V)...
  5. Videos & Other Media
1-5 of 5 Results